My Friends

Blog 1901 – 11.08.2020

My Friends

My Friends

Today’s children’s book is like any true friend an immeasurable treasure. The text and the pictures tell the most wonderful story of all – friendship. Papa in the wonderful book and movie The Shack in trying to explain the concept of the Trinity to Mack says, “Love was always meant to exist in relationship.” God is Love and not some lone Superman whether you are speaking of the DC Comic version or that of the philosopher patron Saint of the Nazis, Friedrich Nietzsche, and his superman theory.

Friends like us are never perfect, but love perfectly. They reflect back to us the best that they see in us, accepting us completely as we are, celebrating our every victory and mourning with us every loss and set back. Friends remind us that we are here to have fun and to enjoy life and each other. To not make time for our friends is the surest sign that our priorities are out of kilter.

Many of you who read this blog I may never have the privilege of meeting face to face and in person but nevertheless I hope you will come to enjoy these daily encouraging words from a friend. Many strive long and hard to achieve a greater degree of success and be crowned with titles before their names and letters after them, but to me the highest crown and title that any of us can aspire to is be named a friend. I am ever glad and grateful to be yours truly.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Thank You For Being A Friend

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