Old Bear

Blog 1899 – 12.06.2020

Old Bear


Old Bear

It is an all too familiar tale of children’s toys coming alive and having great and heroic adventures together. The exiting and creative mind of a child abides in all of us, young and old, and still some of us older ones can become quite jaded and unbelieving in the Universe and our own great power within it.

Every year in one of the most lovely stories of all, the angels sing, “Peace on earth, good will to men” and still too many of us older ones still continue to refuse to claim that Christmas miracle and make it real in our lives.

I am reminded of two stories that took place in the middle of two World Wars in which the soldiers themselves call a Christmas truce to sing together and to play together like children. Sadly neither of those truces held passed Christmas but the angels are still singing, “Silent night, holy night” and children still dream of not only sugar plums and talking toys but of peace on earth.

I was still a youth when John Lennon first release his Happy Xmas (No More War) song:

Some will take offense as they always do at the Xmas abbreviation in the song title believing as they wrongly do that it leaves Christ out of Christmas. People on both sides of the argument are wrong on this one. X was very early on a quite accepted abbreviation and symbol for Christ. X it seems like in the buried treasure stores is the spot where the human and the divine meet in all of us, believers and not believers alike. Like in the song, “ Something even non believers can believe in – I believe in love, Alfie.” Peace and love are not just children’s dreams it seems but divinely human.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


When You Come Back To Me Again

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