Bea & Mr. Jones

Blog 1898 – 12.05.2020

Bea & Mr. Jones

Bea & Mr. Jones

I remember first seeing and hearing this book read on PBS’s Reading Rainbow with my young daughter Emily. Emily loved Reading Rainbow and Bea & Mr. Jones was one of her favorite books. We checked it out of the library many times.

The story is a captivating one of a daughter and dad trading places with each thoroughly enjoying their days in the role of the other. Mr. Jones is an ad man and Bea in his place comes up with a new sales slogan for one of his clients, Crumbly Crackers: “Munchy, Munchy, My Dear Snackers, You Will Love Our Crumbly Crackers.” And dad in no time becomes Bea’s teacher’s new pet as he quickly answers all the questions she directs to the class. He is an exceptional student as Bea is an exceptional ad exec.

The illustrations in the book are so wonderful that I encourage all to buy or borrow a copy from the library and to commit the book and illustrations to memory as Emily and I did.

My daughter Emily passed off this stage more that eight years ago but I can still see that sweet crooked smile of hers as we enjoyed Bea & Mister Jones together the first time and many times thereafter. Books and music were such a big part of Emily’s thirty two year adventure in time and space. I am so glad and grateful that I and so many others got to know the little girl who loved to read and who loved to sing her song to anyone who came along.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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