The Wheels On The Bus

Blog 1895 – 12.02.2020

The Wheels On The Bus
The Wheels On The Bus

I fondly recall a spring vacation road trip in the early nineties with my lovely wife Linda, sweet daughter Emily, young son Jonathan, and their cousin Michelle. We drove all the way from Houston, Texas to Indianapolis, Indiana, spent a couple of days there with family, and then drove on to Tennessee and South Carolina for more family fun, and then headed back to Houston by a more direct route. During the on the road part of our week long journey we listened often to and sang along with a tape that had The Wheels on the Bus Song on it. We and the kids had most of the songs memorized before we even began to head back.

I remember also laughing along with the songs especially one about some kids making a snowman and loving him so much that they talked their mom into making room for him in the freezer so he would not melt in the hot sun outside. The title of that song is, In the Freezer.

The last part of the song is about summer and ice cream and mom explaining that there was no room in the freezer for ice cream. The lines beginning the last chorus go: “He’s on the side walk and he’s melting fast. You know a snowman is not meant to last.” It seems those children got their priorities straight long before the summer was over.

Here are the lyrics to the whole song for you.

Your friend and fellow traveler,
David White

Just Google – In The Freezer- to see and hear a video of this wonderful song by Joe Scruggs and have a laugh.

Here is another funny song, sung a cappella, for your laughing pleasure.
The Joy Of The Lord Is My Strength

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