Snow Wonder We’re Friends!

Blog 1894 – 12.01.2020

Snow Wonder We’re Friends!

Snow Wonder We’re Friends!

Today begins my second December in a row in a place where there is seldom if ever any snow. I have lived over half my life in Houston, Texas and have only seen snow actually accumulate on the ground here three times. On several more occasions I did see snow flurries, and every time my snow loving boy’s heart thrilled. Many of my fondest memories are of snow.

A long time friend in Wisconsin heard me request snow for my birthday while I was working there several years ago and ever since no matter where I am I can expect a Happy Birthday text anytime it snows in her vicinity or mine.

Many people who live in snow country complain about the snow as people down south complain about the sweltering heat and humidity. Just one more example to me of how thinking more about what we don’t want than what we do draws to us the things we say we do not choose. It would seem we do choose not just where we live but how we decorate the place. Looking for something different? It is as easy as a change of location or an even more simple change of mind.

I often recall hearing my dad use one of his favorite greeting, “Birthday greeting” whether it was the-person-he-was-greeting’s birthday or not. I write this on an unusually cool December first day in Houston, 33 degrees F, freeze warning, no snow in the forecast, warming trend coming, remembering fondly every snow day I ever experienced.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

The Gift

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