I Am A Rainbow

Blog 1896 – 12.03.2020

I Am A Rainbow


I Am A Rainbow

I have never seen the Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights, with my own eyes though I yet hope to see it before this adventure is over, but I have seen many rainbows, each one of them a very special treat. I have learned to see rainbows in every situation and person that I meet. Oddly enough most of us find ourselves focusing on the strain, the pain, the rain in life, how often the sun seems hidden by the clouds, and doing so we missed the rainbow that is always there waiting to shine for us.

The Bible story about Noah building a big boat to ride out the rain and flood ends with the rain waters receding and a beautiful rainbow appearing in the sky as a promise there would never ever again be such a devastating down pour. Storms come and go leaving destruction sometimes in their wake but also water to drink to satisfy a thirsty world. I believe that there is in everyone of us a rainbow of promise and hope. When we smile we share a glimpse of it to everyone we meet.

We have experienced several days in a row of rain here as I write this but I am an odd fellow and have a particular fondness for rain. I guess because I know you cannot have rainbows without rain. As the Skittles commercial says, “See the rainbow, be the rainbow.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


What A Wonderful World

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