The Peasant’s Pea Patch

Blog 1878 – 11.14.2020

The Peasant’s Pea Patch

The Peasant’s Pea Patch

Often even a great story can loose a little in translation as do politicians who promise to drain the swamp but find themselves soon up to their necks in the quagmire. One more clique and I will settle on a subject or six for today’s blog: “Promises are far easier to make than to keep.”

I believe that our thoughts and intentions are of primary importance, but that it is also important that we water them with actions however small to insure they will grow. I heard a tale that illustrates what a true friend really is:

A man was walking along and fell into a deep hole, so deep that hard as he tried he could not climb out of it. A doctor was walking by and the man heard him and yelled, “Please be a friend and help me out.” The doctor wrote a prescription and dropped it into the hole and walked on leaving the man still stuck in the deep dark hole.

Later a politician was passing by and the man hearing him again cried out, “Please be a friend and help me out.” The politician wrote a speech, dropped it into the hole and walked on leaving the man still stuck.

Then a priest walked by and the man looked up and again pleaded, “Please be a friend and help me out.” The priest wrote a prayer, dropped it into the hole, and continued walking. An MD and two P’s later and the man was still stuck.

Finally, a friend happens by and hearing the plight of his friend jumps down into the hole. The first man says to his friend, “What are you doing? Now we are both stuck in this hole.” His friend smiles and says, “Not at all, I’ve been here before and I know the way out.”

Sometimes in life no matter how good our plan we might find ourselves stuck in a deep dark hole, but that is when we find out who our true friends really are. “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” Want more friends? Be a friend not just in word but in deed.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Thank You For Being A Friend

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