Martimus At Midnight

Blog 1877 – 11.13.2020

Martimus at Midnight

Martimus at Midnight

Alaska is sometimes referred to as The Land of the Midnight Sun. Some years ago, eight to be precise, I had the privilege of getting a two month work assignment in Kenai, Alaska. I was there in June and July, the warmest months of the year, but also the months with the largest number of daylight hours in a day. A year before the Alaska trip I had a seven week work assignment in Aberdeen, Scotland which is approximately the same latitude as where I was in Alaska. Scotland was my first experience of observing a midnight sun.

This is a marvelous and fascinating world in which we live and I hope that I get to spend the days that I have left, this go round, seeing as much of it as I can. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I have experienced the longest period without work since I first started working, well suffice it to say more than a few years ago. I have an online phone conference in a few hours with a company in Arkansas that is seeking to fill two contract inspector positions. I have my heart set on landing one of the two jobs, but sometime ago I learned to caveat all my hopes, wishes, prayers, and intentions with, “For the highest good of myself, the Universe, and everyone.” It is the best insurance policy and always pays off.

I believe not only in free will, but that we indeed get what we give the most thought to and what we ask for. Someone has said, “Be careful what you ask for.” I would say that a bit differently, more like, “Be mindful what you ask for.” Many religions not just Christianity teach that the best prayers have this disclaimer attached, “Thy will be done.” Many of us in a hurry to get what we think we want and need immediately often say and pray, “My will be done.” And when it comes to us just the way we thought we wanted it to, we often have second thoughts.

The wiser more experienced person learns to be patient and more deliberate deciding what they really want. I believe that we live in a benevolent universe where our loving and infinite source can and does give us everything we think hard on and ask for. How quick we are to blame what happens on others or on what we misperceive a hostile and unforgiving environment, when it is our own thoughts yesterday that create our realities today. It is time to think higher and better thoughts.

I believe we spend entirely too much time thinking about what we do not want instead of deciding what we do want and thinking about that. I want a world where polar bears like Martimus have a cool place to hang out, where everyone who wants a job has a job, where everyone knows how loved they truly are, and where more and more of us have awakened to the knowledge of Who and Whose we are and who is really calling the shots and running this show.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Who expects to be traveling again soon,

David White

Waking Man

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