No Milk!

Blog 1826 – 09.23.2020

No Milk!

No Milk!

Today’s story is about a boy and his cow, quite a different one from the more famous one about a boy named Jack who was sent to town by his mom to sell the cow so they could continue to eat. Jack met a con-man who talked him into trading the cow to him for a handful of magic beans. Con-men have been around a long time and as long rubes like Jack willing sell the cow and even the farm for some well-spun pipe dream, be it keeping “the others” in their places, making sure you and yours get yours no matter what, or some other vague promise like making the country great again.

The reason or at least one of them, there may indeed be others, that Donald Trump likes Putin and other strong men type dictators, is that he thinks that is how real men are supposed to act and why not, his father acted that way and even more his boyhood hero and mentor Roy Cohn. Roy Cohn was a master manipulator and power broker. He was a shyster Svengali and I attach the dictionary definitions of both words so there is no confusion regarding my meaning.

Those who already have there minds made up, like young Jack, are difficult to talk out of making the same bad decisions over and over again and, yes, even invent fantastic fairy tales to try to justify their bad decisions. Giants with mythical treasures like a golden harp and a goose that lays golden eggs not withstanding the fall of such fallacies is always great and usually ends up with losing the whole farm if not the whole country to a big hole in the ground.

Want to make your country good again, that is a lot more important than being great by the way, quit listening to the showmen, the con-men, the shysters, and Svengali(s). Listen to that still small voice in your own heart of hearts that has but one rule. A golden one, not involving harps or goose eggs:

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Gray lives matter, red, yellow, black, brown, white, camouflaged, and blue ones too. Two hundred thousand lives lost, mostly unnecessarily, to COVID-19 is unacceptable and no con-man will ever convince any attentive mind that they were inconsequential.

It is high time we quit crying over spilt milk and quit allowing con-men, show men, and strong men to bully us. If you think I am straining the analogy read and watch all the news not just the fake and twisted news. We are an even more divided country than we were four years ago and with 200,000 fewer citizens lost to a disease some, especially one, would still have us believe is a hoax. That 200,000 number of COVID dead in the U.S. alone is now being predicted to double by the end of the year. That is a number greater than the number of votes in a few swing states that won Trump the Electoral College and the election in 2016. Is the irony of that lost on anyone? DJ, Dishonest John, I hope your scary fairy tale is about to end.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

As with all of my blogs, this is an opinion piece and offered only for your consideration. Everyone has a mind and heart of their own to follow.

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