Pigs Love Potatoes

Blog 1827 – 09.24.2020

Pigs Love Potatoes


Pigs Love Potatoes

I so enjoyed this cute little piggy tale and hope you do as well. And I, for one, like piggies, love potatoes too. My wife grew upon on a farm in South Carolina where their staple supper time food was farm grown peas and white rice probably purchased in large bags to feed her large family of brothers and sisters from the Piggly Wiggly. I grew up also poor but as a Chattanooga, Tennessee city boy with but one brother and our staple supper time food was pinto beans and fried potatoes purchased in smaller bags from a Piggly Wiggly just two blocks from our house. It is a small world and tastes and pocket books differ but we are all little piggies at heart ever looking for something to fill our tummies.

The basic needs of food and shelter are still not consistently met for way too many on this planet while an ever growing fewer and fewer have such vast abundance that they have been most aptly tagged “the rich and the shameless.” The promoters and defenders of Capitalism forever fight for the “God given right” of the individual to amass as high a pile as one can in a lifetime and to pass it on in tack to his or her heirs undiminished by taxes.

In my skewed view mind there is only one “God give right” and that is the understood, but all too infrequently if ever uttered answer to the age old question, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Yes, we are, and the only legitimate reason for acquiring any pile at all is to share it with others by creating opportunities for those willing to work to find employment and those unable to work to find relief. Even primitive societies knew this and practiced it. Our mostly fictional western idea of the lone wolf, farmer, prospector, inventor, manufacturer, entrepreneur, carving out his own kingdom with his own hands is a fairy tale. Great wealth and power are seldom if ever secured without the hard efforts of others and in more cases than not quick wealth comes from the practice of short changing others to feather one’s own nest.

And yet we are taught that the rich and the powerful deserve our admiration, our devotion, our praise, and our protection, even in this country who a couple hundred years ago threw off the shackles of a money hungry and quite mad tyrant king and swore an oath to never be slaves to such ever again. At the same time too many of these king rejecting rebels themselves were owning and profiting from slaves of their own. But, that was business and it is still big business to profit from the servitude and misfortune of others. That is just not how one should treat their brothers and sisters.

A day of reckoning is coming for our Western Culture. It’s hidden underbelly is being exposed. In one of those quotes attributed to Abraham Lincoln that cannot be accurately verified (people often attribute great words to great men to make them sound more believable) is a great truth:

The truth will eventually out and the right answer to that age old question be more and more widely known. The whole pie and the wide wonderful universe was made to care and to share. Even the Christian Bible has a quote from a twelve year old Jesus, himself at that time the first of several brothers and sister even at such a young age, saying something like:

“It is high time I was about my father’s business.”

And it do not think he was referring to carpentry, though it is purported that he trained and did a little of that too. But, even a young Jesus knew his father and ours true family business is the loving business. As my dearly departed step father used to say, “Let’s get to work.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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