Imagine That!

Blog 1825 – 09.22.2020

Imagine That!

Imagine That!

Except for all of the children’s books that I have recorded that were written by Stephen Cosgrove and illustrated by Robin James and about as many others lent to me by my dear Wisconsin friend to read for her granddaughter I found most all of the others in used book stores around the country. There were a few here and there given me by other friends to read for my David Reads Children’s Books project. I am thinking in particular of a couple of Dolly Parton recommended books given me my a friend in Tennessee, and a couple that my dear wife gave me that she especially loved reading to our son when he was a small boy. There are many others I would recommend to children and those who read to them, like C.S. Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia.

This little book, Imagine That!, is a personalized book and of course the used copy that I found had another child’s personal information printed throughout the book. I went to great lengths to print, cut and tape in the personalized information of my friend’s granddaughter into the book as neatly as I could. Obviously it does not look as good as a straight from the printer copy would and I knew that Amelia especially when she got older would know changes had been made to make it her special book, but even after that discovery I hope that she knows that a lot of love and special effort went into those changes and that she as much as any child ever is a very special one to me and to all who know and love her.

Amazingly, I found this little treasure and so many others like The Christmas Tree That Cried, The Velveteen Rabbit, Christmas In The Hollow Tree Inn, and well each one is to me like every child, a true treasure. I have had a few question why I got so excited about reading all these books to a little girl that I have yet to meet and may never in this life. I began just as a favor to my friend and her grand daughter, but I hope others will get something out of these recordings too and if not that many or any do that is okay too for I have gotten a lot myself out of reading them. Little Amelia has a copy of all these books and many others. I hope others secure as of them as they can for their special young readers.

I knew that I would also be able to use the links to these recordings in future blogs. And now for several months I have been posting the book titles and readings in the order that I recorded them last year with a short blog and a link to one of my Mockingbird songs also. I know I am not the greatest reader, writer, or singer in the world and now you know that too, but this little light of mine I am gonna let it shine and as another more recent song says in even more detail I’m just trying to leave something behind, besides a box of bones or an even smaller box of ash and my name carved in stone between two dates divided by a dash.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

To Leave Something Behind

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