Blog 1824 – 09.21.2020




Today’s children’s book recording is of yet another beloved fantastic story made popular by Walt Disney and gang. As the crows sing in the animated motion picture, “Well, I think I’ll have just about seen everything, when I see an elephant fly.”

The “I think I can, I think I can” magic spell employed by the little train that could and Dumbo always bring about the desired result. Dumbo thinks the power of flight is in the feather, but learns as we all do that the one true and great power that over comes gravity and all the drag us down and hold us back things in this world is the power within us – the power of love. Dumbo is loved by and loves his mother and that love like his ears grows and grows till it sets him and everyone around him free.

Only a child’s fantasy story, I think not, but a great life lesson hidden in a story of circus magic. The great traveling Ringling Brothers Circus is no more. All that is left in Baraboo, Wisconsin, their long time headquarters, is a museum. Elephants from their Barnum and Bailey days were always a part of the big top’s draw. Many came to see that the big animals’ tricks and performances hid an under belly of systemic animal abuse and mistreatment. The loss of ticket sales and audience support ended the circus, but not the dream of those who never feel they quite fit in of soaring above the adoring applause of the crowds who learn to celebrate with them their differences.

Dumbo was a taunt that was turned into a shout of praise because he turned those big ears into wings to take him higher and higher. Those who put all their trust in pretty, money, and power are most often in the end let down and disappointed. But the power of love never fails, feather or no.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


The Rose

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