What’s Hiding In My Closet?

Blog 1823 – 09.20.2020

What’s Hiding In My Closet?


What’s Hiding In My Closet?

Secrets, fear, and shame is a very silly childish game that most all of us have played at one time or another even if ever so briefly in our lives. The wiser among us learn quickly that it is a hard game to play with little real rewards. And us slower learners, we continue to play the game longer paying a terrible personal price to keep it going.

We have all read, said, heard or told stories of terrible people locking innocent children into dark closets where their psyches are traumatized by invisible chains that continue hold them prisoners long into life if not for all of it. Even when the literal closet door is opened and the light shines in, so often the horror of their imprisonment lingers.

Many a fairy tale has a touch of childhood trauma and drama at it’s core. And though we all prefer the sunnier, sweeter, brighter tales there are ghost stories and monster under the bed and in the closet stories that abound. It seems the happier the ending the more the main character or characters have to go through to get there.

Often against all the seeming evidence, I still believe in happy endings, as surely as I believe that the true monsters in our stories are those misunderstood, unappreciated, and perhaps less attractive elements of own personalities. Trying to keep these things secret and in the dark only feeds the monster enabling him or them to grow. There is no detergent nor disinfectant quite so efficient and effective as sunlight. Hence are we ever wise to follow the great advice to always walk on the bright or sunny side of life. Not just mythical vampires are vanquished by sunlight but all haters of truth, the real monsters to be found in this life.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Keep On The Sunny Side

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