Leo the Lop (Tail Two)

Blog 1805 – 09.02.2020

Leo the Lop (Tail Two)


Leo the Lop (Tail Two)

Though they will probably never be quite as beloved or as famous as Beatrix Potter’s Petter Cotton Tail tales, Stephen Cosgrove’s Leo the Lop stories show us that even small children have hearts big enough to take in a whole universe of characters. Our inner space especially when it comes to love is as infinite as the Universe.

And I know you may think I am just waxing poetic, but I assure you that I am not. Like more than fifty-two percent of Americans or at least those surveyed in the United States I do not believed that Jesus called the Christ was the unique and only son of God. He was a prophet, a professor, a doctor of love for sure, but not the one and only son of anyone not even his mother Mary.

On Amazon Prime, yesterday I streamed a rather unusual movie, at least for me it was. During this the longest vacation I have ever taken from work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I have read books and watched movies and TV series episodes that I probably never would have otherwise. Like most people I usually choose to watch what appeals to me most but running out of things in the genres and from the points of view that I prefer I have opted to entertain others. How very liberal arts of you, Crazy Dave.

The movie I saw yesterday was called Time Travel A.D. 33 and though I have long been and still am a time travel fan I have not been a fan of Jesus movies except perhaps for The Shack for a number of years. Most of the others strike me as strained and low production value attempts to parody better made movies as they put out trite dogma than frankly has not worn as well of late as it’s producers might have hoped.

In the movie, the bad guys, a fringe fanatical and militant Muslim sect, have enlisted the foremost young genius scientists in the world to produce a working time machine, not to go back and kill Hitler, but to prevent Jesus followers from fostering the lie that he rose from the grave and is the one and only true child of God and they therefore, his followers, the only true believers and children of God. I am still amazed that I bought that hokem myself for so many years. It is my opinion that the real Jesus Bar Joseph, the purported voice behind the channeled book, A Course In Miracles, and other such works that try to sort from the mess, Jesus’ true teachings without all the over the top salesmanship, is not very happy with the movement some of his followers created. It has often been the case of great inspired leaders that their devout if misguided followers take their message, twist it, rewrite it and take it in an entirely directed direction than was intended. I remember reading of religious reformers, both Martin Luther and John Wesley, that before their deaths they both claimed that they were not members of the movements that their followers had taken in directions they never intended.

One of my favorite scenes in the book and movie, The Shack, is where Mackenzie is telling Jesus that of the three Jesus is the easiest to relate to. Jesus tells him that is because he is human and not exactly a Christian. Jesus not a Christian, what heresy is this? None at all, Jesus was a Jew, and they feel about it much as the Marine Corp does, “A true Marine is always a Marine.” And so is a Jew.

The myth makers are always looking to make something out of nothing and heroes and gods out of good guys. It is such a compelling well-selling story.

In the highly contrived Time Travel A.D. 33 a young black scientist who goes back to A.D. 33 three different times ends up saving Jesus from being killed before his crucifixion, and even stopping the Roman solders from beating him after he fell beneath the heavy cross on the road to Calvary. The black PHD co-time travel inventor’s first name is Simon and he picks Jesus up and even carries his cross, Jesus leaning on him the rest of the way up the hill. Oh, and in one of those jumps back in time the black guy tells Jesus that the book he wrote, the Bible, is the world’s best selling book. Evidently he had never read it himself or he would have known Jesus never wrote a book or claimed to, at least not that one.

The movie was I must admit no farther fetched than the book and a bit more entertaining. Even Jesus was pretty good in his limited performance in an action film with time traveling scientists, black clad automatic rifle and pistol toting terrorists, and yes, even the scientists are shooting the bad guys. In the last scenes one of the scientists goes back to save his parents who were shot by the terrorist trying to get him to talk. Oh, yeah and after the Jesus myth is all kosher again he dons a hard hat, high visibility vest and stop sign to go back and prevent a traffic accident in which a redeemed bad guy’s wife and daughter had been killed. And now even the scientist believes Jesus was the son of God because he spoke English to him back in A.D. 33. Fade to black and credits roll.

I am pretty sure if that movie ever made it to the big screen it was shown on but a few and briefly at that, getting, if any, only two fingers up and you can guess which ones. But, I kid, it was a fun romp if a highly unlikely one or three back to A.D. 33 which is also unlikely the year anyway since the calendar has been changed several times over the almost two thousand years since the purported events took place.

Tomorrow one more Leo the Lop, bunny tale.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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