Leo the Lop (Tail Three)

Blog 1806 – 09.03.2020

Leo the Lop (Tail Three)


Leo the Lop (Tail Three)

Good things they say and some believe even things not so good come in three(s). The Leo The Lop Stephen Cosgrove bunny tales illustrated by Robin James are I think of the first order.

One of many songs that I love and have preformed at karaoke nights across several states in conjunction my work travels is Lionel Richie and The Commodores’ hit song, Three Times A Lady. Some of my fondest memories of my dear now eight years departed daughter Emily are of when she was a small child riding next to me in her car seat in my little Ford Courier pick-up when that song would come on the radio and I would sing along with it to her. She was for all of her brief thirty-two years once, twice, three times a lady above all and I and every one who knew her loved her and still do.

Some people and things you never truly get over or even want to and loving that sweetly, deeply, and completely is one of them. Rather than bemoaning and mourning an unfinished life I am ever grateful for the time I had with Emily. I still see her reflected in so many things that matter the most to me.

Last night as I watched the final episode of season thirteen of NCIS, where very Special Agent Tony DiNozzo is introduced to his daughter from Ziva David, I thought of my Emily. Ziva named her daughter Tali after her beloved dead sister and kept her birth secret from Tony who only found out about her after Ziva’s purported death, the two being separated and Ziva written out of the show for most of seasons eleven through thirteen except for some memory sequences.

Tony is saddened that his own lovely little toddler daughter does not even know him till his dad finds a framed photograph of Tony and Ziva in Tali’s go bag packed by her mommy that Tali points to and the two Tony DiNozzo(s), Senior and Junior, see her point to the pictures and say clearly in Hebrew, IMA and ABBA (Mommy and Daddy.) My eyes filled with tears of joy as they often do when I remember the joy it was to hear my daughter Emily call me Daddy for the first time, the last time, and all the times in between.

I love my son Jonathan, and thankfully he, at thirty, is still around to call me Dad from time to time. One of my beloved and lovely wife Linda’s and my fondest hopes is that Jon has a very long and happy life, surviving us both by many years. We hope someday he knows the unspeakable joy of hearing his own little one or ones calling him daddy. Parenthood is a burden to be sure, but one of its greatest rewards is the realization of depths of love that we are capable of and that reside within us. On this note I close. One of the three great loves apparent is the deep unfailing love of a parent.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Three Times A Lady

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