Leo the Lop

Blog 1804 – 09.01.2020

Leo the Lop


Leo the Lop

Another bunny tale, since I was three in nineteen fifty three, news stands and subscribers mail boxes have been filled monthly with inspiring pictorial bunny tales. Even famous feminist women’s rights activist, Gloria Steinem, once went undercover at a Playboy Bunny Club, with ears and tail, to write a tale about the objectification of women’s bodies by men.

Having myself a decided Y chromosome, I can tell you that little if anything can be done that will ever cause women’s bodies to be less the object of most men’s affection. We are just wired that way. I do not say that to excuse the lie that we men have perpetuated since we uttered or wrote our first word that our very much made up, man-made god made us first to lord it over everything especially women. The wiser men and women among us have always questioned that very self-serving bit of dogmatic propaganda. It is much like the silly question about which came first, the chicken or the egg. The chick, of course, did.

Babies know who the goddess, who the boss is, why, the ones without the Y, but with the life nurturing and sustaining equipment, of course. The limited male role in the whole process has given us guys way too much time on our hands to invent religions, start fights and wars and basically make a big seemingly unending mess of most everything. Thank heaven for all the pretty bunnies that keep distracting us long enough to replicate or there would be no hope for the human race at all.

With the birth of every child is the hope that a messiah, a deliverer, a savior will be born. So many religious myths, even those today, say it was or will be a man, but my money is on a woman to clean up this mess. Haven’t they been doing it all along, and with their hands tied in most cases, all their lives and down throughout a male dominated history? Even at the heart of the Black Lives Matter movement is the tireless work of a multitude of black mothers who are sick and tired of their sons being shot down in the streets. When women of all colors rise we all do. A wise man knows that and surrounds himself with women.

Leo the Lop was a wise rabbit. I hope you enjoy his story and there are a couple more about him to follow. But, it is the story of women that gives me the most hope for a better future for us all. Women’s bodies are and should be far more than just the objects of our lust and even our love, men. Women within themselves, in their hearts and minds, not just in their bras and their in wombs carry the best hope of a better world, a world where not just all men are considered equal, but a world where women are recognized as in the nineties sci-fi flick, The Fifth Element, as the true supreme being.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Fathers Be Good To Your Daughters

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