Blog 1803 – 08.31.2020



Today’s children’s book title in the series by Stephen Cosgrove and illustrated by Robin James reminds me of a line from a favorite song first introduced by the lovely actress Audrey Hepburn in the movie Breakfast At Tiffany’s in 1961.

I stayed up later than usual last night recording the song with her so I could share it with you. I have wanted to add it to my more than three hundred Mockingbird Songs collection for some time.

Audrey was not as widely known for her singing as she was for her acting, her petite French form, and her pretty face. The camera loved her and so did we and fortunately for Audrey Hepburn fans there are many of her films that survive her. I count myself fortunate that modern technology at my finger tips made it a simple and quite easy trick for me to record a duet with Audrey in just a few minutes. First, I printed the lyrics to Moon River off the internet so that I could follow along and add my voice to hers on a recording app that I have on my IPad as I played a short clip from the movie of her singing Moon River on my IPhone. I sang the song along with her a few times before clicking the record button. In all, the entire practice and recording session took less than thirty minutes.

Five years ago now I had several songs recorded by a friend who had a professional sound studio in his basement. It was a several hour session that was not nearly as much fun as the less professional ones that I produce by myself. Many of my Mockingbird Song recordings I have made with karaoke tracks, but I most enjoy singing along with the original recording artists. Their voices make my lesser voice sound better too, at least I think so. Judge that for yourself. If you prefer you can always search for the recordings online and hear the original versions for yourself. That, I highly recommend.

I always especially liked the phrase in the song, “my huckleberry friend.” I kind of paraphrase it in my Daily Mockingbird Song email sign off, Your Mockingbird friend and fellow traveler, David White.” I often attach a link to one of my MB Songs in this blog and I decided to include one at the end of each of these David Reads Children’s Books inspired blogs. I am today only at sixty-six of two hundred and ninety six children’s book recordings, so I have a ways to go before completing this project.

Thank you for spending a few moments looking, reading and listing to what I posted here today. I try my best to make every blog worth your while. But, then only you can decide if I achieved that goal today or any day. You know where to find me again if you choose. Do come back, give me another shot, and if you like, tell your friends either to beware or to meet us here too.

Your fellow traveler & forever Huckleberry

Friend, waitin’ round the bend,

David White

Moon River

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