The Muffin Muncher

Blog 1802 – 08.30.2020

The Muffin Muncher

The Muffin Muncher

Little Miss Muffin aside, the title of today’s children book brings a knowing smile. Please don’t go there, Crazy Dave. I won’t, but not because I do not believe one can write about anything, if they do it with a sincere desire to not just entertain but to enlighten and encourage. From my admittedly slightly skewed perspective, nothing or at least very little if any subject matter is off limits. I happen to believe that not talking and writing about things creates more problems than openly discussing them does.

Probably, one of the biggest things that causes most hurtful beliefs and behaviors to survive and thrive is that they are not exposed enough to fresh air and sunlight. Someone from the narrow fundamentalist group that I grew up in once quoted a man saying, “The Devil has nothing new to offer, he can only twist something created for our good to make it seem dirty and nasty. Heaven knows little has been more misunderstood and misused that the creative intimate urge we were all born with, the urge to merge, the sex drive.

I think it is quite healthy to be curious even experimental regarding sex. How anything so important a part of who we are can be expected to be kept secret, in a brown paper wrapper, or undercover is a complete mystery to me. You are hedging a bit aren’t you, Dave? Well, indeed, yes.

The subject is not that delicate, nor are we, so I trudge on. Sexual tastes like tastes in food vary, but seldom is one judged or condemned so harshly for preferring sweets to vegetables or vice versa. The old jokes comes to mind, “I prefer my vice, versus.” Don’t we all.

Ages some call libertine others call enlightened. What many consider moral and conservative others consider Puritan and prohibitive. I have shared several times the first of the Ten Intentions for a Better World and do so here again:

Too often the “moral high ground” occupiers prove themselves to be hypocritical, professing repressive rules and regulations they themselves do no live by. Jesus said of the religious folk of his day that they placed great heavy burdens on others, but were unwilling to lift them with their little fingers. I have a sneaking suspicion that the guiding principle behind most if not all rules and regulations is more about limiting the freedoms of others while widening those of the rules and regulations writers.

Is it any wonder that the law and order candidate quite often ends up a foul of the law and having to resign or be overwhelmingly voted out of office in shame. Check the record if you do not believe me, the unbiased record, not the heavily redacted and revised one.

People as a rule are willing, unless programmed to hate differences, to live and let live, and can tolerate, even appreciate, others tastes and practices though different from their own. But, most people still draw the line at the powerful abusing that power over the weaker, less powerful, and they have little patience with hypocrisy when it is fully revealed.

Sex is or ought to be an equal opportunity proposition with either side always possessing veto power. No means no, and even above and beyond that the stronger more powerful have a responsibility to protect and safeguard the rights and well-being of the weaker, younger, and more vulnerable.

Sex more than power or money drives the wheels of creativity and industry providing the the real incentive to hunt, to gather, to build, to manufacture, and to sell. It makes the world go round and keeps it populated with people and possibilities.

I heard a lady speaker say once that after God created man he said, “I can do better than that” and he did, he made woman. That is no joke. As Mama/Papa says in The Shack, love is meant to exist in relationship. Leave God out of it, if you like, being the sexual human beings that we all are, we live, and move, and have our being in relationship. And it can be and often is quite yummy.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Power Of Two

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