Trafalgar True

Blog 1795 – 08.23.2020

Trafalgar True

Trafalgar True

Robin James illustrations in these books written by Stephen Cosgrove are missing from my recorded readings so I hope many will secure copies of the books to get the whole effect. Words also are pictures, but till little ones learn to associate words and pictures, illustrations are quite helpful. Someone has said of my first half century that movies were the books of the twentieth century. I was a movie fan, and still am, long before I learned to love to read. And I still, even having been denied the privilege for months now due to the Covid pandemic, think seeing movies in a large dark room with others is the best way to take them in.

Perhaps it is a bit early to size up what my second half century’s preferred information intake method will be, but at this time, only one fifth of the way through the twenty first century, online streaming seems to be the strongest contender, whether by computer console, lap top, tablet, or smart phone. Some think many will soon opt for some kind of updatable implanted device. I think we already have the best most capable one available, our amazing brain.

The old adage, “Use it to lose it” comes to mind. I have mentioned several times in the course of now almost eighteen hundred daily blogs that I once thought of becoming a children’s book writer myself. I still from time to time have someone click like on the first chapter of my book about Emily, my first beloved child, gone now eight years. The chapter or episode is called, My First Walk With Emily and is featured on the blog so it is easy to access I guess. Anyone wishing to read other Emily episodes or chapters need only scroll down to one of the first few July’s that I blogged. There I published, a chapter a day, Emily- The Little Girl Who Sang Her Song To Anyone Who Came Along. That line from a Nora Jones song that’s Emily sent me best describes her.

Emily was in many ways like Trafalgar True. And I am so happy to share both with you today.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


For an even more special song treat, click below, and hear and see my little girl Emily sing her song.

True performed by Dancing with Spock – Original song – LIVE at MelonHead + Friends

True performed by Dancing with Spock – Original song – LIVE at MelonHead + Friends

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