Blog 1796 – 08.24.2020



I heard someone remark about Mark Zuckerberg’s genius money making idea Facebook that much of its content consisted of entertaining cat video clips. Would that were only true instead of all the caddy and divisive articles one finds there. But, then how much good did anyone expect to come from a frat boy social network scheme that began as a means of rating girls, or rather derating them. Even the terms cat lady, kitty, and the P word are sadly used most often by patriarchal men as terms of derision, grabbing P indeed, Mr. P. On the contrary, true G-men, “gentlemen”, and I use the term though too many do not act it, women who love felines and the men who love them, do not need Facebook or any other social media platform to tell them what to think.

All the political vitriol and deceit on Facebook in the 2016 election was more than enough to cause me to quit wasting my time on it, and helped me to decide to concentrate my efforts on a few real friends rather than a host of virtual ones that had little if any patience with any views that were not “group think.” I watched an interview yesterday with often controversial film director and producer Oliver Stone, in which he cautioned his interviewer more than once not to get caught up in “group think” and to think for himself. I have heard myself saying often of late that a parent, a teacher, and even a friend’s job is not to teach us what to think, but how to think for ourselves.

Dogs are the preferred pet of many because they can be trained to behave, to sit, to roll over, to play dead. Cats force us to adjust our expectations and let them be free to express themselves as they choose. And I realize these broad brush comments are far from the whole story about dogs and cats. Our furry friends have much to teach us, but not so long as we think we know it all or refuse any new thoughts outside the box.

After having freed myself from a tiny religious box that I grew up in, I am determined to shun any boys club, political party, particular news station, or social network that requires that I check my free thinking mind at the door.

Behaving or thinking unpredictably whether you are a dog, a cat, a tropical storm, or a person messes with the social media and weather predicting algorithms. The buyers and the sellers are more interested in polls, profiles, and profits than they are in free speech and the greater good. Let us remind them that cool cats, the true heroes, men and women, who more often than not break the rules, break ranks, break the mold, think for themselves, often thereby show us better, brighter roads to travel.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Garden Party

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