Morgan and Me

Blog 1794 – 08.22.2020

Morgan and Me

Morgan and Me

Today’s is the first in an interestingly unique series of children’s books by Stephen Cosgrove. Not as well know perhaps as the Sesame Street and Disney children’s stories they are nevertheless an important part of my David Reads Children’s Books project and I hope many more children and adults get a chance to know them and love them as I have and do.

Every effort does not have to win a prize, ring a bell, or become widely known to be a worthy one, but often the worthier ones do those three things and a lot more. They perhaps subtly, but nevertheless definitely cause us to change the direction of our lives. I believe, contrary to a lot of seemingly sound evidence, that we still do, if we choose, get to choose the path or paths that we take in life. All the more reason I think to explore as many of the possibilities as possible before choosing one or several roads to travel up or down.

One of the many lessons of my almost seventy years of travels in this life is that we can at anytime decide on a new direction to travel and that there is nothing especially noble, fun, sane, or safe about always staying with the same one. The narrow religion that I followed for much of my young life taught, “Strait is the gate and narrow is the way that leads to salvation” and that the broad winding way leads to destruction. The simple directions according to that very small stifling crowd was therefore always, “Turn right and walk straight.” But, I have found that right is not always the best or right direction for me to turn nor is going straight. I find that actually the best journeys are seldom found taking the shortest distance between two points, a straight line, but usual involve quite a bit of meandering and even sometimes back tracking and that narrow paths are not always the best ones to take.

One of my most beloved Beatle songs, and there are quite a few that I have long loved and I still do, is A Long And Winding Road. On such a road it is highly unlikely that the sun will always be at your face or the wind at your back as the old Irish prayer asks, but long and winding roads can make for the most wonderful and satisfying adventures.

No matter how short or far you are upon life’s journey keep you eyes open and your radar on high alert for those scenic routes that present themselves. They and every cross road offer us opportunities to change directions and explore roads perhaps less traveled.

Stephen Cosgrove’s roads are perhaps less traveled and that is just a part of their appeal. The Apostle Paul, once writing about the reasons he was choosing to travel to a certain place, after listing several reasons tacked on a last one, “And there are adversaries” which was to him, I think, the deciding reason. It is said of our heroes, our first responders, that while most run from fire and danger that they run toward it to see if they can be of help. Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my, indeed, Dorothy Gale. All roads do not lead to Kansas, Oz, nor to Rome it seems.

Feeling a bit heroic are we? As the song says, “There is a hero in all of us.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

The Long And Winding Road

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