Oh, the Thinks you Can Think!

Blog 1787 – 08.15.2020

Oh, the Thinks you Can Think!


Oh, the Thinks you Can Think!

Much has been written about the power of positive thinking and relatively little about the equally powerful results of negative thinking. “As a man thinks in his heart so is he” the Proverb goes and man in the verse refers to men and women boys and girls alike. That is not to say a bad thought makes us bad but that the thoughts we dwell on, entertain over and over again, become real within and without. My friend Mike Dooley likes to say, “Thoughts become things, choose the best ones.”

And I know this seems like some kind of crazy magic trick to some, but there is evidence, more than anecdotal that, thinking alone does change things subtly and drastically. I can hear you skeptics, and I was one and still am regarding many things, saying with you, “Put up, or shut up.”

Here goes: After spending the first almost forty years of my life believing in the magical thinking taught by a very narrow fundamentalist Christian group i.e. that you only had to ask believing to get anything you asked for but was then and thereafter inundated with such a long list of excuses, caveats, and an even long list of impossible rules to keep rules that made believing I ever had any real choice in the whole matter virtually impossible. It was not only a cramp and stuffy little box but proclaiming itself to be the way of light, love, and freedom it had very little room for any of those three things to exist let alone grow.

When I finally broke out if that little box that I will never return to and will make every effort to warn others away from, I searched high and low for something new that I could believe in. Trust you me, I was very skeptical and still am of one size fits all religions , philosophies, and political clubs. I started reading other things than the Bible and trying to see things from several perspectives and not just the one I had been long taught to view everything through. When you are truly searching for truth it will come to you along with helpers willing to help you find it. As another old adage goes, “When the student is ready the master will appear.” I believe that master to be none other than our higher self. always with our highest and best in mind and more willing to guide us to truth than we are willing or ready to allow.

A friend I met at work, realizing that I was a searcher said he and his wife were too and that if I wanted they could suggest a list of books for me to read that might help me in my quest. I said, please do, and was surprised that just being open made so many things begin to make sense. One of the books they suggested was all about experiments with ice crystal formation under a high powered microscope. In the controversial 2005 best selling book by Dr. Masaru Emoto, he claimed that the results of high speed photography of ice crystal formations proved that directing thoughts at the crystal while forming changed the resulting shapes. More than a few dispute those findings. But, then is not evidence always questioned that does not fit with what we already presume to be true.

All the protest and up roar and it isn’t like he was expecting someone to believe someone actually walked on water, turned it into wine, or could live three days in the belly of a big fish beneath it, claims far more incredible and with no pictures, high-speed or low-speed, offered as evidence to support those claims.

All man-made things that we can see, smell, touch, or taste (and there are some incredible ones to be sure) all began first with a thought, that grew and drew to itself others thoughts and acts that produced a new thing. Making water into wine was a thought before man figured out how to use grape vines in the process. There is nothing that you can think that cannot be made real. That my friends is a very scary and at the same time a very hopeful thought.

Heaven knows we have chosen more often than not to dwell on our darkest thoughts, hence the wars and messes that we have made. But, all it takes is to think a higher better thought to make a better world. Rather than rote, often wrong, outdated and outmoded facts children should be taught to think, to question everything, to prove everything, to seek truth within their own minds and hearts. If we all did, oh what thinks we could think.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Pure Imagination

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