The Foot Book

Blog 1788 – 08.16.2020

The Foot Book

The Foot Book

Their own fingers and toes, hands and feet are among the first wonderful discoveries that babies make. Many of us never get past those first discoveries, but develop what psychiatrists call fetishes, which I like to think of as merely preferences and matters of taste.

A long-time breast man myself, I have found that I have over time developed a special fondness for other parts of particularly female anatomy and if not a special attraction myself at least an appreciation and understanding that others might find they prefer some territory more fondly than others.

It tickles me still remembering when I first heard the parody of the song, Ain’t She Sweet, on the Carol Burnett show many years ago with Harvey Korman and Tim Conway harmonizing the last revised line, “Now I ask you very confidentially, ain’t those feet.”

There are many foot fetish fans out there. Feet are not perhaps the first place that my attention is drawn, but I do appreciate a well formed foot both in and out of a high heel slipper, glass or not, Cinderella. But, then what’s not to like from the top of a pretty girl’s head right down to the ground? Feminine or masculine pulchritude (beauty) is indeed in the eye of the beholder still most men and women can agree with the Bible verse, “Pretty are the feet of those bearing good news” or as the true foot fetish person might put it, “Pretty feet are good news.”

Objectifying certain anatomical aspects that we feel particularly attracted by or to might for some seem to have negative connotations, we nevertheless all feel a certain fondness for the objects of our affection.

Like the joyful glee of a baby first finding his or her own feet it is the happiness of finding pleasure from head to toe and all points in between in another. Those pleasures too many of us may never quite get enough of in this life, one more reason I think that perhaps we all get to go round more than once, but we shall see, or perhaps we already have and just don’t remember needing more fingers and toes to count off all the past lives we have already lived.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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