The Ear Book

Blog 1786 – 08.14.2020

The Ear Book

The Ear Book

Far more than hair, ears are important in the proper understanding of so very many things. Someone has pointed out that the shape of two ears put together resembles the symbol we use for heart, indicating perhaps that we hear best not with our heads but our hearts. An often repeated call in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible is, “Hear, oh Israel, the Lord God is One.” Most often understood to mean especially by, Jews, Christians, Muslims and the host of religions sects that spring from them that there is but one God. How ironic when even those three groups and their children paint very different pictures of a very masculine God believing in most if not all cases that they themselves are his only true children. Man’s idea of God is usually that of a man, prejudiced, jealous, judgmental, angry, and demanding. Imagine that.

I heard recently in a movie a wise man say something like, “Men are impatient, stubborn, and believe that shows of force and fighting are the best ways to avoid and solve further problems. While women are compassionate, nurturing, and seek to build upon consensus. Who then do you think is the better equipped to be in charge. Make no mistake, Ladies, men will not yield their power gracefully but fight hard to hold onto it.” This came from the unconventional psychology professor, inventor, and writer who gave us DISC Personality Theory, the lie detector machine, and the comic book hero Wonder Woman – William Moulton Marston, 1893 – 1947.

If those three things seem to not especially compliment one another believe me they did and still do. William Marston was very interested in the truthful understanding of personality and created the Wonder Woman comic character to prepare young people for a better world where women would use their often superior gifts and powers to fight man-made and man-perpetuated lies and build consensus for better world. Wonder Woman first appeared in the All Stars Comic #8 published in December of 1941. Other things of note happened that December, infamously, the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, but Marston’s message delivered more subtly than dropped bombs has had its desired effect. Boys and men, girls and women themselves are starting to see women as having the super powers most necessary in the fight for justice and truth.

You go girls, for your hero work is not done and too many with old antiquated patriarchal ideas of male superiority and dominance mostly wrong-headed men hold tightly the reigns of power. Or at least so say I and many devotees of Wonder Woman.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Long-time fan of wonderful women,

David White

Only Hope

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