The Hair Book

Blog 1785 – 08.13.2020

The Hair Book

The Hair Book

Thinking of what to write today on the subject of hair, I recall a song lyric from a nineteen seventies play also by the name Hair:

“Gimme a head with hair, long beautiful hair…

Here, Mama, there, Mama, everywhere hair…”

In a country where most everything is politicized, it is no wonder that the way one wears one’s hair is seen by many, if not all, as some sort of political statement.

I came of age in a very narrow fundamentalist religious group that often quoted a an obscure Bible verse, saying something like, “Does not nature itself show you that it is a shame for a man to have long hair and that long hair is a woman’s glory.” The Apostle Paul, though full of helpful hints had some pretty strange ideas as well, but then don’t we all. What nature shows us about hair is that if we do not cut it, it will grow like grass or cabbage. And as for long hair being a woman’s glory, any hair dresser will tell you that many women look prettier and more glorious with shorter hair styles. It is mostly silly old men who come up with all this stereotypical crap and try to force their thinking and tastes on others.

That is the real problem with hair and so many things these days, people trying to force the own hair brained ideas, tastes, and beliefs on others. And I admit that it can really matter sometimes what crazy things people believe, but seldom ever so much to anyone else as the person or persons promoting those beliefs. Look around and every where there seems to be some group or person pushing their own particular take on truth, on God, the best way to live, everyone claiming to have found it. I recall Lieutenant Dan’s question to Forest Gump, “Have you found Jesus, Gump? I did not know he was lost, Sir.” Gump had a simple, but often profound take on life but his real wisdom was in allowing others have and to express their own. Quite a feat for a boy raised in rural Alabama.

I watched a piece just yesterday morning about how the President likes to make fun of Alabama accents and how he berated former Senator and Attorney General Sessions accent and law degree from the University of Alabama. Sessions was the first of only a few Senators that initially supported his run for the Presidency. I wonder if Jeff has had any second thoughts about that.

There was another headline I saw where someone else was criticizing the President’s own speak patterns as adolescent. I don’t know about that so much, but he does seems to use a lot of his words to try to denigrate and blame others while promoting himself. The phrase “sad old man” comes to mind. But, then I think he must have also been a sad young man for much of his life long bad behavior comes across as an attempt to get even for all the supposed wrongs committed against him. Poor little rich boy.

Maybe The Secret writer, Rhonda Byrne, really does have the right idea on this one – the true secret to a full and happy life in a four words, An Attitude Of Gratitude. The President is not the only ungrateful person in this world, far from it, but forever blaming others, even an imaginary Devil, for our problems solves and resolves nothing. In the seventies there was a quite popular week long program that took the country by storm called The Basic Young Conflicts Seminar. The one man show, that reminds me a lot of You Know Who, the perpetual adolescent, said all our problems have their root causes in unresolved adolescent issues. That personality cult thing just went away after it came to light that it’s creator and conman promoter himself had more than a few glaring unresolved personal issues. We all have feet of clay never intended to stand on other people’s necks for long before denying we have them also brings about our own down fall. Judge not lest he be judged it is said. Listen and listen tight, Pilgrims, especially you, Little Big Guy.

I saw another political piece on how the President’s wife on her Twitter account wished the U.S. Army a happy birthday, but failed to even mention that her husband turned seventy-four the same day. One person seemed to think the President’s behavior problems go back further than adolescence, his brief birthday tweet was, “74, the seven is silent.” Poor little rich guy, like Rodney Dangerfield, cannot get a break. But, then Rodney made us laugh, this sad old creepy guy makes us cringe, especially the smarter more savvy women among us. What ever else anyone has to say about the strength of the Democratic Presidential ticket this time, it must be plain to all that there is a very smart and savvy women on it. Nice pick, Joe. The election is yours to lose, don’t let that old youngster, three years your younger, con the electorate again.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

And yeah I have political opinions too.

Be sure to vote your own by mail or in person if you dare,

David White

Gone To California In My Mind

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