Raggedy Ann and the Kittens

Blog 1781 – 08.09.2020

Raggedy Ann and the Kittens


Raggedy Ann and the Kittens

Though as I have previously mentioned, my preference is for puppies, I can still understand the appeal of soft and cuddly kittens too. A far more wider and wonderful world it is when we allow others to make their own choices. In my lifetime I have seen the two once honored words of tolerance and compromise fall widely into disfavor. The first American republic’s quickly revised government was reorganized to promote tolerance and compromise realizing, I think, that democratic government has not even a hope without them. I was going to write “not even a prayer” but I think prayer in this case and perhaps others is more a part of the problem than the answer.

Many people who prayer believe they are God’s chosen children, as if He or She has favorites like a poor human parent. I prefer calling my requests intentions rather than prayers and intend every one to have added to it, even if unspoken, the disclaimer, “I make this intention for the good of myself, the Universe, everyone, and everything, so please if my intention for any reason does not fit within that parameter, just disregard it.” I do give some Christians credit for attaching to their prayers, “Thy will be done.” Sadly though, most do not, thinking their side or opinion is always right and damn any others. The Circle of Life is way bigger and more encompassing than such a silly and limited notion of how the Universe works.

America as a melting pot is a far better analogy of what I believe the framers intended than a Christian nation or even a two party political system. Coalition governments are the only ones who can succeed for very long. Entrenched positions only lead to prolonged wars that no one ever truly wins, but the orchestrators, munitions providers, war suppliers, and casket makers.

The concept of a war to end all wars presumes one side is completely right and to other completely wrong, good versus evil, and it is a dualist, schizophrenic delusion. Every person who ever lived was a wonderful combination of good and bad ideas, traits, and opinions having for better or worse a flawed concept of perfection and the best way to achieve it. Forcing someone else into a mold that we do not even fit in ourselves is not the way. The shores of life are littered with the ship wrecks of those who professed they were themselves guiding lights with all the right ideas only to crash upon the rocks themselves, their compasses packed away, they being so sure they were on the right course.

It was a Baptist seminary professor who taught would be religious leaders to keep their Bibles and prayer books opened and their flies closed. Reverend Jerry Falwell Jr. was not the first nor will he be the last to fail and fall in that manner. Acting too sure you are right is not just a fault of Baptist’s, all religious people, and all political parties, doctors, scientists, experts too often do it too. Most all of us get it wrong at least as often as we get it right and though batting 500 in baseball may be be considered a good statistic we can do a lot better in the game of life if we keep tolerance, compromise, and good sportsmanship in the mix.

I like to remind people of one of my favorite Presidents’ highest, best, and most astute speeches. It was delivered just a few months before one or several people (depending on the theory you accept) attempted to silence him forever. They may have succeeded in killing him, but silencing him, I think not. These words of his live on with many others.

John F. Kennedy, himself a wounded war hero. sought, I believe, to limit and even end our country’s involvement in a war in Vietnam. He was perhaps an early American casualty of that war as a few years later, his younger brother Bobby, running for President, to stop the war, became a casualty too.

The number of fifty plus thousand American military lives offered on the bloody altar of that war is small compared to the total of two million Vietnamese on both sides who died in it. Far greater is the terrible total of those injured who yet survived scarred and maimed. That horrid war created more millionaires in the U.S. than there had ever been before, but at what price. Might makes right some believe as they say God Bless America. Dickens’ character, Tiny Tim, though a Brit, reflected an older, wiser soul. He said, “God bless us everyone.” And She/He does, kitty and puppy lovers alike.

Your friend a fellow traveler,

David White


Bless The Beasts And The Children

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