Raggedy Ann and the Chickens

Blog 1782 – 08.10.2020

Raggedy Ann and the Chickens


Raggedy Ann and the Chickens

My today thirty-one year wife is a farmer’s daughter and a friendlier, lovelier, more desirable one there never was. She grew up knowing much about chickens but then didn’t we all, even city boys like myself, for in the nineteen fifties colorfully dyed chicks were as popular Easter gifts for children as baskets filled with fake grass, chocolate bunnies, Peeps, colored eggs and jelly beans. Most of the pretty little critters did not survive, the coloring was too traumatic for them and most died of diarrhea unable to process the corn meal we tried to feed them. But, some few did survive to live out their still relatively short lives in back yard coops made of chicken wire and wood.

Even as a city boy I knew the experience of raising pets other than puppies and kittens. We had also in addition to a long line of mostly short lived dogs who either ran away or got hit by cars (one died a terrible death eating rat poison under a neighbor’s house) chickens, rabbits, pigeons, and even turtles in our personal family petting zoo. Unlike dogs and cats we ate them all except the pigeons. But, for a while at least, we, my brother and I, treated them like beloved friends, precious pets. The old joke, “The animals are our friends and what do we do to our friends, we eat them” still tugs at my heart more than it tickles. That is the reason I suppose on farms children are encouraged not to make pets of farm animals and asked to not name them, for they are raised to slaughter and grace theirs or someone else’s table.

In dealing with serial killers the police officials instruct the loved ones and reporters to use and often the names of their loved ones held hostage hoping to humanize them in the eyes of their captors who see them only as prey. Classic psychopaths are not the only ones that dehumanize people. Historically and even yet today large groups of people are considered less than human by this group or that. Systemic racism though denied by those in charge is still practiced widely and openly almost everywhere. When will it end, the oppressed pray. When more, even most, see the dignity in every human soul not just those who agree with them, and quietly give in and give up their own culture, beliefs, and opinions.

Yesterday, I shared a few of my favorite JFK quotes. Here is another:

Whether one is peacefully protesting an unjust war, some believe they all are and have been, or the mistreatment of one person or group by another, upon this hope of freedom and justice for all the United States of America was founded, a hope still too many have not yet to fully realized, the hope that all men and women no matter their color, creed or station in life are recognized as having “certain inalienable rights among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

May this the true American dream come true for each and all.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


A Whole New World

P.S. Thank you, lovely Linda Lee, for thirty one years of patience and tenderness, making my dream of loving and of being loved come true.

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