Raggedy Ann and the Strange Dolls

Blog 1780- 08.08.2020

Raggedy Ann and the Strange Dolls


Raggedy Ann and the Strange Dolls

Story five in Raggedy Ann Stories is about the strange dolls. That title reminds me of what Fanny Brice’s mother’s friend says upon meetings the handsome, charming, and charismatic Nicky Arnstein, “I think strangers ought to act strange, don’t you?” When strangers, dolls or not, act too familiar there is usually at the very least a strange adventure in store and at the worst a very scary often hard lesson to be learned. I believe no matter the situation that presents itself or stranger that our only real choices are to win some or learn some, neither all that bad if you think on it. There are at least two different ways to take the Bible verse, “He was a stranger and we took him in.” The words “took in” have both the win some and learn some possible outcomes.

Some see life as full of unscrupulous con men for which they must be always be on the look out and others see life full of brothers out to help us along the way. What we expect we draw to ourselves like a powerful magnet. Don’t get me wrong some of our mistaken brothers are indeed bent on feathering their own nests and stacking ever higher their own piles at the expense of others. Sadly much hurt and misery follow these strange ones wherever they go and unlike the moral tales they often do not pay for their crimes but with bribes circumvent the laws or make sure new laws are written to favor them. It is a truism that most laws are written to favor a few over the many and not for the greater good of all as we are told. The political code words law & order usually stand for “Wink, Wink” and are about protecting the status quo of the rich getting richer, the power more powerful, and the rest getting less and less.”

If those words sound like socialism to you, I invite you to examine the primary meaning of the words, socialism and capitalism:

Thinking minds, I think must agree, that the framers of our Constitution were not in favor of either of these -isms having full sway but a melding of both for the greater good of all.

They believed the true purpose of government was to promote the general welfare not just the the fortunes of a few. They had seen the abuses of a constitutional monarchy and wanted a government of the people, for the people and by the people to build and maintain a more equitable distribution of wealth and power. They set up a three tiered system of government to provide checks and balances against the greed and ambition that even good men struggle with and too often allow to rule their impulses. For all their own weaknesses, cowardices, and prejudices they got that right and hoped future generations would build on and improve upon their noble experiment in democracy.

Strange as it may sound, our third President who’s face with the first, sixteenth and twenty-sixth are carved on Mount Rushmore once wrote that he believed maintaining our democracy might require a revolution every twenty years. He as the other founding fathers did not fear the people so much as the folks drawn to government, for riches and power are a heady and corrupting influence.

I recently saw an HBO documentary of a young and upcoming Conservative Republican Congressman who referred to his powerful Congressional Pin as “His Precious” like the ring to rule them all in The Lord Of The Rings by J.R. Toilken, the more and longer you wear it the more it wears upon you till like Gollum you are crazed and completely corrupted by its power. The young Congressman favors term limits and even realizes he has to refuse campaign donations from powerful corporate and special interest lobbies to serve his true constituents- the people who sent him to Washington. The name of the HBO Special is The Swamp and I encourage conservatives and progressives alike to watch it and help drain the swamp. Politics they say makes strange bed fellows, as Raggedy Ann and most of us know so well.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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