Raggedy Ann Rescues Fido

Blog 1779 – 08.07.2020

Raggedy Ann Rescues Fido


Raggedy Ann Rescues Fido

Often has been recounted the tale of a boy and his dog but many a girl like the famous red-headed dolly, Raggedy Ann, has loved her puppy too. In today’s story Miss Ann shows to all her loving heart as she braves the world to rescue her friend and fond companion Fido.

Always myself more of a dog than cat person, my mind has long been filled with great dog stories that reinforce my preference, Lassie Come Home, Rin Tin Tin, Ole Yeller, and The Biscuit Eater being, but a few that immediately come to mind as do the names of two of my family’s dogs when I was a young boy, Queenie and Winkie, mother and son.

But my preferences I realize are only that and people’s pets and favorite Presidents are choices all their own. Up until recently one by many held to be the finest of our U.S. Presidents was George Washington, yet for ever good deed ascribed to him he was as they all have been and are to varying degrees flawed humans at best, weak and self promoting would-be dictators at worse.

Mark Twain Quotes On Politics

Probably one of George Washington’s greatest strength was not truth telling for he was after all a politician but refusing extra honor and power he graciously and gladly stepped down after two four year terms, setting a precedent for Presidents that stood unchanged till FDR in the nineteen forties. After FDR’s unprecedented election to four terms Congress passed a law limiting a President to two four year terms. A law many think should apply to Congress as well.

In one apocryphal (made-up) Mark Twain quote, unlike the genuine two listed above it is said, “Politicians like diapers should be changed and often for the same reason.” It is satirical and funny-true like much of Twain’s writings, but sadly some gifted ghost writer came up with that one. Diapers was a term not even in use in Twain’s day but what they often are full of and politicians too Twain knew well as should we all, “Turn Them Out” should be our go to vote unless great compelling evidence and not just from their mouths or campaigns is there to give one more probationary term.

Companies used to invoke a ninety day probationary period for all new employees in which the employee and the company could part ways with little reason given or cause named, amicably. The presumptions of Security, seniority, and tenure are just assumed by many these days immediately upon being hired or elected. Politicians to a man (fewer perhaps but some women too) are a far cry less loyal than dogs and care a great deal more about their own personal interests, corporate lobbies, and special interest groups with PAC money that those who hired them. They even think they can get away with almost anything without being fired. Unlike Ann’s friend Fido, deserving of rescue, these, those paying attention wish would disappear quietly some dark night. The preferred song choice on many minds being, “I’ll be glad when you’re gone, you rascal you” and not “Four more years.”

Undoubtedly at least a few were happy when the reigns of Presidential power were peacefully turned over from George Washington to John Adams over two hundred years ago. The grand democratic experiment was off to a good start. After a long history of relatively peaceful and good sportsmanly passing on of the control and authority, one cannot help but wonder about the current highest elected office holder, will he, can he let go, and step away graciously? We shall see.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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