Raggedy Ann And The Kite

Blog 1778 – 08.06.2020

Raggedy Ann And The Kite


Raggedy Ann And The Kite

What child or adult, for that matter, has never dreamed of flying free, high above the ground below, over houses and tree tops, but low enough to see them all clearly, and of being deliciously lost for a while and then wonderfully found again, feet firmly planted on the earth. Today’s tale is all that and a bag of chips as they say.

The realities of young life are so often shaded and colored by fun and fantasy. That is something we adults would do better to keep in mind. I have long marveled that so many start as young adults relying on a chemical high usually alcohol or other drugs to get the high that Raggedy Ann found with a kite and that many young children do just reading about and seeing the bright colored illustrations of her adventure. We need not let ourselves become addicted to outside stimulants and depressants to dull the boredom or pain and relieve us from the monotony or stress of life. We need only recall our childhood appreciation for all the worlds of adventure inside our own hearts and minds.

As a writer I have learned to tap into those inner musings for inspiration and it never ceases to amaze me that as George Beverly Shea sang at the end of his wonderful song, The Love Of God, “Out there, beyond the horizon, there’s more, there’s more.” It is equally if not more true of the heights, widths, and depths within us, places we need no train, plane, automobile or even kite to explore.

My three years now departed friend and often daily inspiration, wonderful thinker and writer Louise Hay, used to say and still does through her books that no matter the disturbance, disease, or problem the true fix is not to be found on a liquor store shelf or pharmacy shelf but simply by going deep within. That is where all the good stuff really is.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


From The Heart

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