You Can Be Anything!

Blog 1769 – 07.28.2020

You Can Be Anything!

You Can Be Anything

Some people think they are too big or too grown-up for children’s books. I am not one of them. Yes, I do enjoy many deeper, make you think books, with plots a child would not care to follow, but the child within me still appreciates a well told bed-time story. Today’s book may seem like a fanciful story to some, but no more to me that the countless fantastic and most unlikely fanciful stories in a book many still believe to be the God’s truth in whole and in part.

Abraham Lincoln said a lot of grown-up intelligent things, like in the picture quote attached.

Snoopy’s creator, Charles M. Schultz, in today’s book is trying to fool no one, just sharing a secret that is no secret. I whole heartedly agree with Snoopy’s wisdom in today’s book. We can indeed be anything we want to be.

Some scientists have postulated that the way our brains synapses work is a continual shutting down of potential paths or possibilities till we focus on an ever diminishing few. That reminds me of the joke about specialists: “They study more and more about less and less till they know absolutely everything about nothing.”

In the face of so much information, anecdotal and scientific, that seems to support specialization theory, I still prefer the less scientific Campbell Soup theory of so many possibilities, ours for the choosing.

Choose a few favorite outcomes and do daily some little act or acts in those directions and see if the Universe will not conspire with you to make those dreams and desires come true. Prove it true that you can indeed be and do anything. See if ole Snoop isn’t right.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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