Little Red Riding Hood

Blog 1770 – 07.29.2020

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood

It is a classic tale told and re-told in a multitude of incarnations. Today’s reading and mockingbird song are just two of the many available. But, it never gets old this story of a little girl who loves her granny so much that she is willing to brave the wild woods to get a basket of goodies to her. Just ask the three little pigs, facing down a big bad wolf is no small matter. Little Red’s story has happy and sad endings depending upon which version you read, but I have always been more of a happy endings kind of guy myself – porn pun intended.

But, back to this classic little girl and granny love story. I always remember a cartoon version I saw of the story as a boy. In this version the big bad wolf, who had been imprisoned, was up for parole. The parole board was questioning him about his rehabilitation and his future plans. The wolf said, “ I plan to go straight” to which he added as he left prison, “Straight to grandma’s house.” The creators of the cartoon seemed to believe that neither prison clothes, nor even a new suit could change a wolf’s true nature.

In the classic tale the wolf disguises himself as grandma hoping to fool Little Red. He fails at that, with the wise little girl seeing through his ruse. Many of today’s political leaders come across as wolves in sheep or grandma’s clothing trying to fool us into thinking they really care about us more than lining their own stomachs or pockets. Beware, Children, of the agendas of the pretenders. No matter how smart they think they are they will always reveal a few clues to their true identity, clues you do not need to be CIS, NCSI or even Sherlock Holmes to detect. Just listen to that little lie detector within that always, if we pay attention, will recognize the ring of truth.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Little Red Riding Hood

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