Let’s Look At Boats

Blog 1768 – 07.27.2020

Let’s Look At Boats


Let’s Look At Boats

Historically many of us are fascinated by boats and so many of our dreams and fantasies are filled with them. The opening scene of C.S. Lewis’ third Narnia book has a picture of a sailing vessel hanging on a bedroom wall coming to life and drawing the children into it. I thought I might include the reading of the Narnia books in my ten month long David Reads Children’s Books project last year. I did not, but I highly recommend those books to be read to children till they can read them for themselves.

I was in my mid-twenties before I read the Narnia books for the first time myself and I have read them several times since to children and just for my own pleasure. I did add some longer books to my DRCB recordings. When I get to them you will note the blog picture will stay the same for several days as I share the books one chapter at a time. In elementary school several teacher would read us a chapter a day of a book usually after lunch. It was my favorite time in the classroom.

Though never a very good swimmer, I love boats. Several of my most favorite memories are of boat and ferry rides. The soothing lapping little waves and even the more boisterous high excited ones thrill my heart. The young George Bailey in A Wonderful Life said that to him the three most thrilling sounds were airplanes, trains, and boat whistles.

All aboard and Bon Voyage for adventures on the water. The sad and somewhat melancholy song at the end of this blog speaks to a boat trip many of us are not so fondly looking forward to, but we are all born possessing a ticket for that ride too. Fear not, for as the last book in the Narnia stories predicts, I believe that rather than sinking or crashing on the rocks our life’s journey continues on and on, ever onward and upward, higher and higher. We shall see, I can hear the sea weary sailor yelling an excited, “Land Ho.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Take This Sinking Boat

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