I Want To Be President

Blog 1767 – 07.26.2020

I Want To Be President


I Want To Be President

This Sesame Street classic first came out in 1994 and still little girls have no lady U.S. President to admire and emulate. I am one old white guy who is more than willing to give the ladies a chance, believing many women could do a much better job than most if not all the guys elected in my life time and even back to George Washington.

It is highly likely that Joe Biden will pick a woman to be his running mate and some have suggested that even President Trump may be considering dumping Pence for a woman to run with him. Nikki Haley has been mentioned. With either male candidate being the oldest President ever to be elected to the office, Joe at 77 and Donald at 74, there is some chance that their Vice President could become President.

Only twice thus far has a major political party had a woman to run second to the top of the ticket and that was Democrat Walter Mondale’s running mate Geraldine Ferraro in 1984, and Republican John McCain’s running mate Sarah Palin in 2008. Neither one was elected and in 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton though getting two million more votes for President still failed to get enough Electoral College votes to win.

Our worldwide patriarchal system has produced far too many wars and few if any truly great leaders and some of them were certainly women. We are beginning in this country to realize this error and to correct it I hope with ever more women in government. I yet hope in my lifetime to see what a women could accomplish in the White House, not as First Lady, but in charge. And I hope even a lot of old white guys are beginning to realize that a woman’s place is in the House, the Senate, and the Oval Office. You tell them, Betty Lou. Pick those running mates carefully, boys, as they may one day be Commander-in-Chief.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White



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