Up The Reading Road

Blog 1766 – 07.25.2020

Up The Reading Road


Up The Reading Road

I found a copy of today’s DRCB book in a resale shop in Indiana while on a work assignment there last year. It reminded me of my first reader in the mid nineteen fifties with its stories and pictures of Dick, Jane, and little sister Sally. It is a classic that helped many of my generation to learn to read.

It is my hope that this book will continue to help youngsters up the Reading Road even old and worn as it and my voice may be. I am almost daily encouraged now to see a new name of someone following my blog. More than money or big book publishing deals the highest goal and best dream of this writer is to be read. Thank you, each of you, for helping me to realize that goal and make that dream come true. I promise to continue digging a little deeper to find something interesting, enlightening, and hopefully entertaining for you each day.

I have shared often my fondness for watching movies and just as I give a new book only a few chapters to grab and hold my interest I am the same about movies. I have even walked out on some movies that failed to get or keep my attention still more often I just enjoy a long nap in a dark theater in a comfy seat. It is to me more than worth the ticket price either way.

Much as I might strive to, I am quite sure that I do not always hit the mark for everyone with every blog. All I ask is that you keep checking in. To date there are over seventeen hundred blogs that I have posted. A friend commented early on that I was a quite prolific writer. When I was first reading these tales of Dick, Jane, and Sally I figured that I would one day be, there being so much in the wide world to write about.

As they used to say on both radio and TV, “Please, stay tuned.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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