Abby’s First Book Of Rhymes

Blog 1765 – 07.24.2020

Abby’s First Book Of Rhymes

Abby’s First Book Of Rhymes

As long as I can remember rhyming words have had a certain appeal to me and I thought it true the first time that I heard it the saying, “If you want your message to slip passed all the sentries put it in a song.” Today’s rhyming book like all the Dr. Seuss and other rhyming children’s book before it is all about the message barely hidden in the rhymes, “You are loved, love able, and altogether lovely. You are love.”

There is certainly poetry in the world without rhyming, but still so much of it does. I am always tickled to discover a new rhyme and can hardly wait for an opportunity to try it out in a new verse along with so many other tried and true ones. Often the simplest rhymes still combine to magically say something in a way that receives the highest poet’s honor, “I wish I had said or written that.”

I have shared my first published poem more than once in this blog but will again today. I was so pleased with the way it came out so smoothly that I memorized it right away in 1967 and still can recite by heart:

If One Loved

If one was loved

Could he not see,

Would he not know

If loved he be?

Should he not cry

The tears he feels.

Alone if wished,

But if he wills?

And could he say,

If she would hear,

That ‘twas for her

His every tear.

I wrote that little poem at the ripe and wise old age of sixteen and it was first published under my pen name then, Paul John Farrow. I was a Beatles’ fan and also fond of the TV show Peyton Place’s young starlet, Mia Farrow. Frank Sinatra thought she was cute too and married her, wooing her with his melodious rhymes no doubt.

Rhymes have been used among other things to teach, to soothe, to incite, and to woo. Hardly any of us escapes childhood without committing several to memory. My beloved and now twenty three years departed dad had several favorites that he liked to recite. One of my favorites of his is:

By John Kendrick Bangs 1862 – 1922

I can still see the gleam in my daddy’s eye as he proudly repeated those two favorite rhyming verses. I hope you enjoy them too. The poet who wrote them passed but one year before my dad was born, but his rhymes survive him. Pass them on.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Endless Love

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