Elmo’s First Book Of Animals

Blog 1764 – 07.23.2020

Elmo’s First Book Of Animals


Elmo’s First Book Of Animals

How human babies are introduced to animals sets the tone for all their interactions for the rest of their lives. Elmo on the cover of today’s book looks a lot like how many artists portray St. Francis of Assisi, surrounded by animals. Loving and caring for animals is not sissy at all, but a very important step in our development as loving, holy, and whole human individuals.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs, lead investigator in the long running CBS’s TV series NCIS, told one of his team members when asked about a barking dog’s affinity to him, allowing him to pet him and none of the others, said, “Dogs can tell sarcasm.” People can too and we all are open and can quickly size up situations and people even when things seem confusing and people do not all wear their hearts out on their sleeves.

It is a fine line parents and teachers must tread to teach children to be mindful of danger yet open to explore and enjoy the world. I was living in Houston with a small child of my own when the man who almost killed Halloween gave a poison laced pixie stick to his own child to collect the life insurance money hoping the police and all would believe some stranger danger had taken his child’s life.

There are so many well written dramatic movies and TV shows like NCIS that feed our fears of stranger danger everywhere, but that is far from the whole story. Where I am going with this theme is like the ole SNL joke, “The animals are our friends, and what do we do to our friends, we eat them.” Instead of teaching children what to think we should teach them how to think, how to learn to rely on their own internal radar that is there to sense out sarcasm, deceit, and danger as well as it does candor, caring, and safety.

Children and animals are way smarter than we give them credit and more often than not they learn to be afraid, to be mean, and to see everyone as a threat from us often fearful and wrong thinking adults. Sometimes I think we would all be better off if we tried to forget much of what we think we have learned from our outward experiences and learned rather to trust that wisdom that has always resided within us. We have two sides of our brains for a reason, to use them both, to experience the seeming reality around us and to compare it intuitively to the truth within us. Just something to think about, you filthy animals, and I mean that affectionately. In too many cases the animals should be the most offended when our acts are compared to them.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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