Oscar’s First Book Of Manners

Blog 1763 – 07.22.2020

Oscar’s First Book Of Manners


Oscar’s First Book Of Manners

Every wild child must learn some manners from Cookie Monsters like myself, always on the look out to munch on the next cookie, to grumpy and messy Oscars. We all need a few rules to get along better with others. When those we pick to be our leaders continually flaunt those rules of etiquette and manners, many begin to mimic their bad behaviors and the world begins to be a lot less fun place in which to play.

And I know it is natural to rebel against the rules. I read once as a young man that the rebellious young people of the nineteen sixties with their demonstrations against war and corporate greed were really just rebelling against their potty training. I thinking teaching and believing it is okay to steal from and kill people because their beliefs and political preferences are different from yours is much more of a manners foo pa than a little misplaced poop.

A “please” and “thank you” and even a well-timed apology are not signs of weakness but of good home training, manners. Parents who teach their children oneupmanship, bad sportsmanship, or that their clan is better or more deserving than all others err and we all end up the less for it. The one most needed element behind all good manners is love. “After you” or “No, you, please have that last cookie” or “Please take a seat, I don’t mind standing” are not just signs of well-mannered people, but of loving people. People who do not love other people really do not love themselves very much.

My advice, be nice, and remember your manners. If nice guys finish last it is because they know winning is not everything, it being far more important how you play the game. If you truly want to win in the end and to have friends and influence people, remember your manners.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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