Bubbles, Bubbles

Blog 1762 – 07.21.2020

Bubbles, Bubbles


Bubbles, Bubbles

Shakespeare’s play MacBeth begins with three witches stirring up the plot and the pot singing, “Bubble, bubble, toil, and trouble.” Today’s Sesame Beginnings story book is a lighter more cheery tale. Someone has wisely said, “Life is what we make it.” And it is nice especially in the middle of a big mess to realize we can still clean up our mess and, if we will, remake it.

I am a life long fan of time travel books and movies and I think most of us have moments and memories that we wish we could revisit and tweak a little. But in most time travel books and movies it is always a fool’s errand to try to change the past. And even in those stories where changing the past is possible, efforts to do so only serve to make matters worse. This leads most time travelers to conclude that making the best of the present is less stressful and more rewarding.

Bubbles, Bubbles is not a time travel book per se but then all books have the element of time in them and this Muppet Baby classic is no different. Most parents and grandparents recall fondly baby’s first fun time in the bath. And though most of us have no conscious recall of our own first bath time or of the months we swam inside our mother the thought of those times comforts and brings a smile. Safe and watched over is a good thing to feel and to know.

Reminds me of the first question asked in the Bible, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Though unanswered in so many words, I believe the resounding answer to that question was then and is always, “Yes.”

All man-made religions have that one theme in common, that we are responsible as many of us were taught in Kindergarten – to hold hands and look out for one another. Like John Lennon was trying to say in his song, Imagine, I believe we would see this world more like Heaven and less like Hell if we quit postponing Heaven to a future distant place and treated ourselves and all our brothers and sisters like this world was all there is and for all of us to share. Jesus said, “The kingdom of heaven is within you.” And as the little girl said when her mom said every choice she had made was because she loved her daughter – “Well, it should start to show.”

Let it glow, let it grow, and let it show, Heaven in and on earth. Isn’t that what Jesus meant in the prayer he taught us, “…May thy kingdom come on (in) earth as it is in heaven..”?

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White



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