How Many Kisses Good Night?

Blog 1759 – 07.18.2020

How Many Kisses Good Night?

How Many Kisses Good Night?

Most all the children’s books that I did not already know well it took me but a look at their cover for me to know that I wanted to make them a part of my David Reads Children’s Books Project. The spread baby toes in the picture above answer the book title’s question, “No less that four good night kisses are required, preferably many more.”

Since I let go my fear of dogs that I held on to for many years as a result of a dog bite as a child, I have noticed a lot more dogs seek me out to pet them. It has become a favorite line of mine that we all like dogs love to be petted. That is universally true unless some hurtful incident as a child has made us fearful of another’s touch.

I remember reading in my youth of a cruel scientific experiment where one group of babies were denied nothing but the human touch and to a one withered and died while the control group of those babies not denied the human touch thrived. We mammals are warm blooded creatures and key to our continued mental and physical health is the human touch.

Some think the handshake and hug will not survive the virus pandemic and that even when the all clear has sounded we will not resume those two timeless customs. I hope they are wrong. This world needs more touching and feeling not less. The phone, the screen, the computer can never satisfy the need for human interaction. Social Media with its concept of virtual family and friends is like so much of our modern world driven by profit and not altruistic motives. Charity the word used for love in the King James Version of the Bible most specifically in what many call, The Love Chapter, First Corinthians Chapter 13, more times than not today signifies not an altruistic undertaking but a con where but pennies on a dollar actual go to the needy while the lion share of donations line the pockets of the charity’s promoters. Check out charities on line, you will be shocked at even the big name ones that give so little of what they take in to those they claim to love and on whose behalf they make their impassioned pleas.

More than money and at least as much as drink, food, clothing, and shelter humans need kind words and the human touch. It is deep in our DNA that to thrive and to be truly alive we need the milk of human kindness, the human touch. So many of us in this pandemic have come to understand better the plight of those we used to call “shut ins” people for whatever reasons confined to their homes. Cabin fever is a real problem for many of us today, ready to risk our lives for human contact.

Stay safe, my friends, wear a mask, maintain social distancing, and limit your venturing out as much as possible for the time being, if not for yourself do it for the more vulnerable among us. I believe this too shall pass. “God Bless You, Nighty Night, Sweetheart.” Hugs and kisses, Baby.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

The Power Of Two

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