Davey and Goliath – The Kite

Blog 1760 – 07.19.2020

Davey and Goliath- The Kite


Davey and Goliath – The Kite

As I boy one of my favorite early Sunday morning programs was Davey and Goliath. Davey and his trust friend Goliath were always getting into adventures where like many stories there was always a moral to be learned. The dictionary has quite a lot to say about morals but then most everyone does especially priests, preachers, and politicians. It seems everyone else’s moral pinning are suspect except the speaker’s own, our culture, our church, our party being assumed to be the only true and correct moral compass. Nonsense, even Davey and Goliath knew better than that.

The one true arbitrator of thought, behavior, and morals is the Higher Self, God, the Universe no matter what name we choose to call him or her. And no book despite all their claims is the one true and correct law book, why else would there be so many would be lawyers trying to forever twist and interpret them to favor their position. I am of the opinion that only three laws were ever written that we can trust than man has not formulated to profit himself from in some way ahead of his brothers. They are in order:

1. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

2. Love God with all your heart, soul, and mind.

3. Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Law and Order though a quite popular set of long running TV police and lawyer shows is more often just code for maintaining profits, power, and position by a select few and depriving the rest of their day in court. Most of us in the West were raised in a dualistic system where everything is labeled right or wrong, good or bad, left or right. But labels no matter how prettily they are printed never define the whole truth. Every coin actually has three sides, head, tales, and the outer edge. And most every story has multiple possible endings not just the moral the writer may have planned to illustrate by telling it.

A wise man has said a true teacher teaches his or her students not what to think but how to think. For many years that was the goal of a liberal arts education. I grew up in the nineteen fifties and sixties when the socialists or communists were the straw men, the witches, that the religious and political conservatives wanted desperately to burn to create their version of a better world. Many of them still do. Despite their rants that sound often like echoes of McCarthyism our culture has rejected much of their agenda in favor of a more open and inclusive society. Narrow religions and political view are not the exclusive arbiters of morals that they once were. War, the most universally abhorrent behavior of man, is being revealed for the immoral act it is. And it the minds of many, profit at any prices is not as popular as it once was, the welfare of people, animals, and the planet rising in order of importance.

Often the flippant charge for perceived bad morals or behavior is that someone should have taught them better. Not being taught nor allowed to think for ourselves and continuing the insanity of doing the same things over and over and getting the same result is the only outcome. “Think outside the box” is a term not of revolution but one of a considering a new direction entirely. The results of revolution are historically just a new small group hoarding profits, position, and power to themselves and soon just another slightly differing version of the same ole same oh.

One last cliche and I close. Ben Franklin, far from a perfect man, with appetites and opinions often ahead of his time, probably heard more than once the expression, “Go fly a kite.” Only he did and thinking outside the box may have discovered a key to the way electricity travels or at least the danger of flying a kite in a storm.

There is always a storm brewing, often just a man-made tempest in a teacup. I do not seem to be able to resist spouting cliches. The moral of this story is, use your noodle instead and of everything having to be head or tales how about we try living on the edge a little and making the most of both sides.

What do you say, Davey and Goliath?

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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