I Love You Because You’re You

Blog 1758 – 07.17.2020

I Love You Because You’re You


I Love You Because You’re You

When children or anyone asks, “Why do you love me?” the best of all answers is, “Because you’re you.” The reason being that all other factors may change, but that one thing remains always true as does true love.

I have for several years now been quite a fan of Josh Groban and am very fond of many of his songs. My voice at its best is puny and small compared to his and that is not false modesty just a simple statement of fact. But, even I with my limitations can still make a joyful noise.

My wife’s older sister Esther lost her feet and lower legs to a terrible staph infection several years ago. But, as Forest Gump said to Lieutenant Dan when Dan walked up to him at his wedding to his Jenny, Esther too, “Got new legs.” And she gets around great on them standing for longer hours than most of us do on our original set.

I recorded my cover of the attached Josh Groban song after Esther lost her first set of feet and legs, but have because she is my hero come to think of it as Esther’s Song. I tried to sing it to her at a birthday party for her last year, but it was a loud, tough crowd so I gave up after a line or two. Nevertheless, I hope Esther knows and all of you as well, that no matter what – you’re still you and that is why we all love you so much and will never stop.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


You’re Still You

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