Are You My Mother?

Blog 1757 – 07.16.2020

Are You My Mother?

Are You My Mother?

Yesterday, my dear departed daughter Emily would have celebrated her fortieth birthday had she not died eight years ago next Monday. Emily’s first mother, Sandra, loves her and misses her terribly, we all do, who knew her, especially, me and my wife Linda, Emily’s other mother. One of the things that helped me win Linda’s attention and affection was that I had a daughter. Because Linda had had cancer before I met her she was afraid she might never be able to have a child of her own. She did though, we had a son together after we married almost thirty-one years ago.

Today’s children’s book is one that Linda read to Jon so many times that I am sure they both still have it memorized. I love the book for I loved my mother too, Alene Florence Davidson White. She will have been gone twenty years this August.

It is a difficult thing to bury your mother, your father, a spouse, a sibling but harder I think to bury a child. I do recall and have shared often what a supervisor told the crew that I was working with in my twenties when one of the guys lost his mother to death. That wise supervisor said, “Well, guys, he just lost the best friend he’ll ever have.”

That brings to mind my Senior High English teacher’s advice to the boys in our creative writing class: “Boys, pick a good mother for your children.” Mothers like the rest of us come with their own foibles and failings, but a better friend than a loving mother is hard to find and deeply missed when she is no longer around.

Our Emily never got to be a mother, but she found lots of ways to love children with her singing and church work. She left quite a legacy of love behind for all of us to continue to enjoy. Even those of you who never met her can still enjoy her voice in this attached YouTube recording of her two-man band, Dancing With Spock doing “True.” And also the little duet I put together with one on my favorite recordings of her singing what I call “The Baby Song.” Today, the day after her birthday, I proudly share her sweet voice with you again. Mother, that little girl could sing.

True performed by Dancing with Spock – Original song – LIVE at MelonHead + Friends

True performed by Dancing with Spock – Original song – LIVE at MelonHead + Friends

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

A Duet With My Baby

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