The Magic Locket

Blog 1756 – 07.15.2020

The Magic Locket

We are all, I think, a little bit crazy and some of us perhaps a bit more so than others. We all carry in someway or another one or more lucky talismans with us throughout life, finding comfort and courage in our constant companions. How bleak and barren must be a life with little or no magic left in it.
The Magic Locket

If not around our necks at least in our hearts and minds we wear a magic locket with precious pictures of loved ones in it. Some of us especially as we age find ourselves touching and opening that locket more often throughout our ever faster fleeting days. The locket is polished to a shine by the feel of our hands lingering, fingering it.

Like Aladdin’s mythical lamp our magic locket full of precious memories has wish granting power. Just a touch and a rub and some of our fondest wishes come true as we are transported back to some of the most magical moments in our lives.

But, just as Professor Dumbledore warns Harry Potter of staring too often or too long into the mirror reflecting his desire to be with his long lost parents we must be vigilant that we do not ourselves forget to live in the now, but rather make Dionne Warwicks song a self-fulfilling prophecy. Though the title of the song sounds romantic it is a stupid sentiment, the wisest statement in the song being, “A fool would lose tomorrow looking back to yesterday.” Though worse even than losing tomorrow perhaps might be forgetting to live today.

By all means treasure your magic locket, hid in your heart, but do not forget to live and love today, making each new day a brighter, bigger, and better love story.

The best is yet to be and perhaps a picture from today will feature in that magic locket tomorrow.

Your friend and fellow traveler,
David White
I’ll Never Love This Way Again

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