The Little Engine That Could

Blog 1755 – 07.14.2020

The Little Engine That Could

The Little Engine That Could

For over ninety years today’s classic children’s book has been encouraging us all that no matter how high the bill, the hill, nor how hard the task that we can do it, if we try. The “can do” spirit has accomplished and continues to accomplish what education and technology still fall short of doing. The old adage, “Quitters never win and winners never quit” comes to me. I recall hearing one proud father saying of his son, “He just had no quit in him.” None of us does till we allow it to grow there and choke out our high hopes.

There is in one of the many Bible quotes that rattle around in my heart and head this: “ I can do all thing through Christ which strengthens me. Some years ago I came to think of religious clubs like Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Scientist, etc. as divisive and not promoting the unity that I think we need far more than any religion. Christ is actually a title not a name. Jesus, called the the Christ, “the anointed” was not a Christian, “follower of Christ” but a practicing Jew. He, per the story, attended Temple worship services not Sunday School.

But, back to the “can do through Christ” verse, I think it is saying basically the same thing as the little engine that could story, that we, everyone of us, has a special anointing, an equipping, a spirit within us, more that capable of meeting any challenge that is thrown at us. Some even suggest that these trials are actually intended to reveal to us that we are bigger, better, and stronger within that all of the challenges without.

My last vehicle came with a back up camera that I find quite useful when I remember to look at it. Being mostly forward thinking I do not always and even with a backup camera I have backed into a few things from time to time. Looking back is not something I think we should, any of us, do too much of, but when we are facing an especially challenging task it can be good to remember we have overcome such challenges before. When “I can’t” begins to rear it’s ugly head it can be good to remind ourselves that we can and already have countless times before. If you think you can – you can. But, you will never know for sure if you give up and give in.

I heard it said one time that living the life of an “anointed” achiever, an overcomer, a conqueror, is like facing ten enemies at once and knowing from experience and promise that you have it within you to easily face and overcome ten. As a teenager I used to hear my brother, who has a finer singing voice than I do, sing the Christian song, Ten Thousand Angels, the chorus of which goes:

“He could have called ten thousand angels,

To destroy the world and set him free

He could have called ten thousand angels

But he bled and died for you and me.”

The Christian tell and sing a beautiful if bloody story. There are many wonderful stories that remind us that we have resources within to draw upon more that enough to accomplish whatever we need to in this life. When the doubter shouts “I can’t” be sure to listen to the still small voice that always says, “Oh, yes I can.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

High Hopes

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