The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

Blog 1754 – 07.13.2020

The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

It is a new story yet ever old, retold and retold. It is a tale attributed to Aesop but was probably an old often retold story even when he first put it down, long long ago. The different perspectives of city living versus country living have long been a popular theme. In our dualistic western culture where we tend to label everything black or white, good or bad, everyone feels compelled to have an opinion or to take a side. But, why can’t we encompass two points of view at once and even many more? Life is so much more than this or that, it is everything.

The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

The nineteen-sixties TV Sitcom, Green Acres, is the story of a big business city dweller who opts for what he believes to be a simpler, less complicated, and less stressful life on a farm outside a small town. His wife leaves the city reluctantly, but because she loves her husband she is willing to give country life a try. The theme song played at the beginning of each episode expresses both the city and country points of view and always ends with the husband’s voice singing, “You are my wife” and the loving wife answering, “Good-bye, City Life.” Then both voices together singing, “Green Acres, we are there.”

The old patriarchal system has long had cracks in it and was often more something imagined by weak minded insecure men than a reality. Contrary to Biblical myth, man is only the head of the home if women and children participate and persist in performing to the script of that fantasy play. The old is ever passing away and giving way to the new and hopefully better. But then everything touted as progress is not, but much is only a repacking and rebranding of the same ole same ole.

The so called privileged few forced in many places to give up their titles, power, lands and great wealth and to share them with the common people most often only find new names to call themselves and new ways to practice the same old dirty tricks of bait and switch. The real differences in four supposedly radically different systems, theocracy, monarchy, capitalism, and communism are not so great as the proponents of each loudly profess. The poor are still poor and upward mobility is still limited if not impossible. Even widely beloved Abe Lincoln, himself a climber and not without his own errors of opinions and behaviors, is said to have remarked, “The rich get richer and the poor get children.” And in another place, “God must have loved poor people since he made so many of them.” I do not believe God ever made a poor person only erring brothers do and continue fearfully and greedily to do that.

How can their exist a millionaire, a billionaire,(Some even believe this world may soon have its first zillionaire) when there is even one with not enough to eat, to house or to clothe themself? Heaven knows there are more and more daily and tragically in that situation?

Revolutions of ideas and armed ones have risen up many times to change the status quo of a few getting practically the whole pie and the greater multitude but crumbs, all the while their insatiable gatherings couched in phrases like, “Work hard and play by the rules and you will get ahead,” “We must have law and order, it is good for business,” and “It is all for the best.” Laws that assumes some few are the best, better than others, and always deserving of the choices cuts of meat, the biggest slice of the pie, and the biggest highest pile are wrong and need to be rewritten and not blindly obeyed. We pride ourselves regarding our many “good” laws, but laws are written too often, and enforced by crooks, for a price – a bigger slice for a few. One law, one rule was all we ever needed, the Golden One:

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Strangely how revolutionary that still sounds whether you choose to be a town mouse, city mouse, or both at the same time.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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