Green Eggs and Ham

Blog 1742 – 07.01.2020

Green Eggs and Ham

“I do not like green eggs and ham” says Sam I Am, according to the story. Neither do I, but I do like the challenge of coming up with a new blog each day to go with the over two-hundred and ninety children’s books recording I made over a ten month period beginning about this time last year. If I live, and at almost seventy years of age and with a world wide pandemic virus that seems to be targeting us “younger” folk that might be a bit iffy, I intend to devote as many months writing a unique blog for each of those unique recordings. When I began last year recording these shorter children’s books I had little idea that I would end up recording so many and more than a few of them so long that I was compelled to record a chapter a day to break them down into more manageable bites. I do hope others will have as much fun reading and listening as I have so far and hope to yet.

I have mentioned a time or two already in previous blogs that I once took a course over several months in how to write children’s books, thinking that I might like to make my living at that. Before completing the entire course I decided that I wanted more to write for more mature audiences. I did learn a few important things that I hope help me do a better job of that. I believe that losing in life is really not an option, but rather that there are only two end results of all our endeavors – we either win some or lose some as the song at end of this blog says so well, “I’m Yours.”

I loved that song the first time I listened to it on a mixed Father’s Day CD that my daughter Emily made for me and sent to me a couple of years before she decided to move her act to a wider more wonderful location – heaven. Some use the expression, “the next life” to refer to what they think happens after we cash in our chips here. There are so many euphemisms for death and what we believe takes place afterwards. Some believe this life is all there is and that there is nothing else to follow. I tried hard to believe that during my almost twenty year atheist period. I am not sure that I ever really did buy that fully or that there was no higher power not even a higher better version of myself. We are all I think guilty of believing some things that help us to see the best in life, others, and ourselves and that help bring out the best in us. At the same time we often have believed and perhaps still do a lot of silly, stupid, and hurtful things that do neither us nor anyone else very much good.

Dr. Seuss has a way of teaching children to think better of themselves and this untamed and often unruly world. Green Eggs and Ham is the second of several of his books that I include in my ten month odyssey of children’s literature.

Green Eyes and Ham

Sit back and see where the winds of imagination blow us. Try to remember, young adults, middle aged, and olders how all ours eyes used to sparkle as a child’s when we were read to about the big wide wonderful world of adventure ahead of us. It is all still there waiting on us to sail the high seas of imagination again. One of my favorite authors, C.S. Lewis, the great Christian apologist wrote many books defending his faith, but he also wrote an interesting science fiction trilogy and a series of six children’s books called The Chronicles Of Narnia. I did not include them in my ten month project but they as many other children’s books are well worth a read and a listen.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

I’m Yours

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