It’s Not Easy Being A Bunny

Blog 1741 – 06.30. 2020

It’s Not Easy Being A Bunny

It’s Not Easy Being A Bunny

Hugh Hefner’s Bunnies, more than a few of them, I am sure, would probably disagree with the premise of today’s book and blog title. They certainly make it look easy and I like most men my age have a heart full of cherished photos of pretty Playboy Bunnies that I fondly recall with a smile.

I realize that putting out a children’s bunny book recording and writing about Playboy Bunnies in the same piece is a delicate dance on the edge, nevertheless, here I go again into territory where angels fear to tread.

When I think of bunnies, the furry or the busty kind, I remember some favorite lines that I first heard as a young man:

“My baby she’s made out of love

Like one of those bunnies out of the Playboy Club…

She’s got the kind of lovin’

Kissin’ and a huggin’

Sure is mellow

Glad that I’m her fellow and I know

That she knocks me off my feet

Have mercy on me.”

That song, if you care to listen to it is called “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy and was recorded by The Buckinghams, circa 1967.

Pretty little bunnies and all the other lovely ones of all sorts and sizes have been objectified, no doubt, but, then objects of such affection and obsession often are. I do not apologize for appreciating and enjoying pretty things. In these “Woke” times I fear that we often paint with too wide a brush, obscuring some important details and distinctions. It can indeed be difficult to be honest about our appetites and the things we appreciate when our every impulse is scrutinized and suspected.

I do not excuse rape, violence, theft, or abuse in any form, but neither do I deny the biology of attraction. Hugh Hefner chose Bunnies for the name of his busty waitresses in his clubs and the pictures in his magazines because bunnies have a reputation for cuteness and reproduction. Bunnies are often the chosen subjects for characters in children’s books for their cuteness and well if it were not for their and our own reproductive skills there would not be constantly a new crop of babies and bunnies to read these books to and to lovingly view.

I am reminded of a few liberties that the founders of this nation thought worthy of enumerating. They are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Pretty bunnies make many of us happy, at least the viewing and pursuing of them. When my brother and I were boys our dad brought home a big bunny for us that we loved chasing around the backyard when he got out of his cage. I think we left the cage door open on purpose to romp with him. Best of wishes to everyone in their own particular pursuit of happiness. Red, brown, yellow, black, and white, we are together a precious sight.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Don’t Worry Be Happy

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