Big Bus, The Double Decker

Blog 1738 – 06.27.2020

Big Bus, The Double Decker

Next month it will be a year since I began a project that for me was a lot of work and a lot of fun. A dear friend in Wisconsin asked me to read and record children’s books for her first new grand daughter, Amelia. This I did daily for about ten months till I figured I had completed a large enough body of recordings to say that I had satisfied my friend’s request. I hope Amelia will enjoy them and others too, but nevertheless, I had a lot of fun reading them and I learned a lot too.

Today’s selection is the first of those recordings and I figure time permitting to share all of them in order with you, my blog readers, using the book titles as launching pads, ideas, for short blogs. If you have read me before you will know that just because I start out and seem to be heading in a certain direction, there is really little telling where I will go or end up before the blog’s brief bus ride is done.

While on an inspection trip to Scotland several years ago, in Aberdeen, I snapped this picture of a double decker bus in service.

Red-headed Ron from the Harry Potter movie series is sporting a milk mustache to promote drinking milk in the UK. My face may never be famous enough to get it plastered on a big double decker bus but as much as I have enjoyed drinking milk, all my life, I would pose for that shot free anytime.

I had the chance several times to ride on a double decker bus during the seven weeks that I was in Scotland, but I never did. I rode in several taxis, trains, and regular buses but never in a double decker one. On one of my first long bus rides outside the city of Aberdeen, I rode down the eastern coast of Scotland to see the ruins of the Castle Dunnottar, an ancient castle where Braveheart’s William Wallace once visited.

A Statue Of William Wallace In Aberdeen
The bus ride from Aberdeen To Stonehaven
This guy in the North Sea breeze, Dunnottar Castle ruins behind me

Stonehaven, a small seaside town was the nearest bus stop and it was at least a two mile walk from there to the castle but it was a lovely walk. I did a lot of walking in Scotland and am glad and grateful for all that I got to see and do there .

As I read this first little book for Amelia and any other child young or old that might ever listen to it. I thought of all the double decker buses that have seen, more in the U.S. than I saw in Scotland, and of all the trains, planes, and automobiles that I have ridden in, and all the wonderful bicycle rides and walks that I have taken. I hope Amelia has many of those to look forward too. I believe I still have a few of those to look forward to myself and I hope each one of you does as well.

Enjoy this little ride on Big Bus, The Double Decker.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Come Away With Me

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