The Berenstain’s B Book

Blog 1739 – 06.28.2020

The Berenstain’s B Book

Learning the alphabet is one of the first great defining childhood communication achievements. Memorizing in English those twenty seven marvelous hooks to hang information on is a life long thinking and sharing our thoughts with others tool. In the 1971 children’s classic, The Berenstain’s B Book we have one of the best examples of how to aid children in achieving this monumental feat.

Berenstain’s Book

I confess that as I read the book for my first time and recorded it almost a year ago that I thought of BB, Brigitte Bardot, and as well a host of other pretty girls whose first, last, both, or all three names, if they had three, started with the letter B. My daughter and son both when they were babies had a version of the famous pull string toy with the dial that had twenty seven letters to select, each with a phrase and sound that played when selected and the string was pulled, example: “C is for Cow. The Cow goes Mooo!”

Shakespeare’s Hamlet has the young depressed Danish prince saying, “To be or not to be.” Did you think I would not have at least one attempted pun about B’s? I can still hear the Sesame Street announcer saying, “Today’s program is brought to you by the letter B” and the perhaps more familiar Cookie Monster song and mantra, “C is for cookie ‘cause cookie starts with C.”

There are in my ten month long parade of children’s books more than a few short books about letters in the alphabet all written to prepare us as children to string letters, words, and thoughts together to make possible understanding stories like Robinson Crusoe, Raggedy Ann, the Velveteen Rabbit and so many more longer ones.

I hope you enjoyed the ride together today on the B train. There is I think in all of us that child that often enjoys being read to, at least I do.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Man of letters,

David White, ABC…

How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You

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